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    rental car in paris - car hire paris

    Paris LouvreParis has always been considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world, besides being the capital of France, is also a major tourist destination in Europe with over 25 million visitors a year, this city, with its multiple district and neighborhoods, located on the banks of the Seine river, populated by boats and barges on which you can spend a few hours of romance. Recommended especially during spring, Paris is easily accessible by plane from the main Italian airports with scheduled flights, also thanks to RentalUp, anyone who wished could take advantage of the low cost car rental in Paris, at an affordable rate.

    Paris, city of culture

    ParisAs already mentioned, Paris has many historic buildings to visit: first of all the famous Arc de Triomphe, which today is an important road junction in the city. Although the junction of twelve streets, the Arc de Triomphe monument should be remembered as desired by Napoleon himself as a celebration of his triumphs. Another symbol of Paris is the Eiffel Tower, built in 1889 in honor of the centennial of the French Revolution, be swayed by the many people who every day come to the top to admire the city from above. Do not miss the impressive Louvre Museum, characterized by the presence of many works of art of the most famous in the world and the Centre Pompidou, the exhibition venue of works of modern and contemporary art. Among the religious buildings, to signal the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, located at the top of Montmartre and built by the French people after the defeat received during the Franco-Prussian War and the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the heart of Paris and a symbol for excellence Gothic architecture. For those arriving by plane in the French city, RentalUp, through its subsidiaries, allows you to rent at low cost prices a car at the airport Charles de Gaulle.

    Paris by night

    city of ParisParis is not only a living during the day, but is definitely advisable try the nightlife, with its many clubs, cinemas, theaters and clubs, this city is crowded during the evening hours, when the Parisians come to spend some time at teaches music and the company. Among the locals not to be missed Au Lapin Agile, a famous haunt of intellectuals of the twentieth century in the Montmartre district, where you can get in touch with the refined atmosphere of the place. For music lovers, however, do not miss the New Morning auditorium where you can enjoy concerts of various musical genres. Come to Paris, it's really simple, many airlines calling in the French city. All who wish to have your own just got off the plane, they can, thanks to RentalUp.eu, at low cost prices take a rental car at the airport Orly.

    Paris is also an excellent destination for all lovers of shopping in every neighborhood, in fact, is characteristic, with boutiques of all kinds and price range. A visit to Colette, a meeting point for all those who want inspiration of fashion or just a souvenir nontrivial.

    In conclusion, to explore the beautiful capital of France, The low cost rental car is a service provides by RentalUp through a network of agencies that will surely refer the client to choose the most suitable for your needs.