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Greece is one of the most fascinating states of Europe, rich in art, history and beautiful natural landscapes. It is definitely one of the European countries with the highest incidence tourism. The Parthenon and the Acropolis of Athens in general, are the universally recognized symbol of Greece, visited by millions of tourists every year, as well as the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos are home to thousands of tourists every year, lovers of the sea and the architectures distinctive traditional Greek Hellenic, so who wishing to visit the full beauty of ancient and modern ancient Hellas, will rely on a car rental at low cost prices in Greece.

Athens, the capital of the ancient history

Athens by nightCapital of Greece and a glorious empire of ancient Athens for centuries stands as European Capital of ancient culture, the cradle of a civilization that was able to reach unthinkable goals at the time. Taking a hire car in Athens exploiting the opportunities, offered by RentalUp, know the city in all shades is undoubtedly easier than using public transport. It will be easier, for example, get near the Acropolis, built on a rock isolated plateau at the top, where there are clearly visible several buildings of the classical age like the Parthenon, the temple of the goddess Athena Nike, the Arrephorion, the source Clepshydra and so many other monuments, it would be impossible to list them all. Going down to the center of Athens, it is inevitable a visit to Plaka, perhaps the most characteristic area of the city, one of the historic "Lower Town." Among its alleys and streets you can visit many traditional craft shops where you can buy souvenirs to take home, or you can relax and eat in one of the many taverns, enjoying the food of the Athenian tradition, such as moussaka or the Greek salad, feta cheese the inevitable, but in general the kitchen Athenian guidance of the Mediterranean, then very close to Italian cuisine. Moving to the city, away from the influences of the classical age, Athens has much more to offer, as a young and vibrant culture, eager to be discovered; Psiri, for example, is one of the districts youngest of the city or the district of Exarcheia, mainly inhabited by students even if the heart of Athens, especially at night, is Omonia, full of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. Then taking a low cost rental car at the airport of Athens, just half an hour by car from the city, it will not be hard to enjoy wonderful holidays and freedom in one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe.

 Rhodes, a pearl in the Mediterranean

The sea of ​​RhodesIf Athens is rightly considered one of the most charming cities in Europe, Rhodes can be inserted between the islands most beautiful of the whole basin of the Mediterranean Sea. is one of the larger islands, the largest of the Aegean Sea, which is why it is necessary to hire a car in Rhodes to be able to visit more places as possible. The old part of Rodos (its greek name) is pleasantly surprising, but unfortunately it is no longer possible to admire the magnificence of the Colossus of Rhodes, a huge statue 32 meters high that was later destroyed during the period of Arab domination, depicting the God Helios . However, you can admire the Palace of the Grand Masterthe Street of the Knights and the medieval walls of the city, Unesco patrimony, within which it develops a medieval village.

Rhodes is a lively city at night, where you can relax in one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea to taste the specialties of the specialties of the island as suvlaki, meat, or one of the many fish that is popular on the island.In the streets of Rhodes, you can see the types of shops to buy local products, not only typical objects, but also foods such as extra virgin olive oil or cheese Feta. For those arriving by plane can take the rental car at the airport of Rhodes-Diagoras, and in 20 minutes you will reach the city.

Thessaloniki, one of the most visited destinations in Greece

The White Tower of ThessalonikiAfter a short trip to the main island of one of the Greek islands, it's back on the mainland, specifically in Thessaloniki, the ancient Thessalonica. Also in this case to introduce visitors to the city, it is useful to hire a car in Thessaloniki. Unlike Athens, Thessaloniki's history is intertwined with that not the classical period, but it is more recent and therefore there are no traces of what was once the Greek empire, but only of the Roman Empire and those at come. One of the most famous landmarks of the city is the White Tower, situated above the harbor and built in about 1400. Are, however, also be found the most ancient monuments such as the Arch of Galerius, dating from the late third century AD, which was erected as a monument celebrating the victory of Galerius against Narses, not very far away is the ancient mausoleum and always dedicated to Galerius, but which do not lie his remains buried in Dacia, and under Theodosius I emperor of Rome, was converted into a church. For who decide to land on the Greek island, RentalUp, offers the possibility of renting a low cost car airport of Thessaloniki. One of the most anticipated events in the city is the Thessaloniki Film Festival, which despite not having the media coverage of other similar festivals, has a long history and deeply rooted in the habits of the Greeks.

Thessaloniki is a city linked to the ancient traditions, it is not so difficult to find in the markets, the most famous is that of Bezesteni covered to immerse in the old Ottoman atmosphere between the colors of the fabrics of the shops, the shopping area of the city is much extended : The most beautiful avenue is Nikis Promenade, where you can shop for typical objects but where there are also clothing stores for traditional shopping, and not far from the station there is a large shopping center, the City Gate. For the nights in Thessaloniki, however, you can go on forever Nikis Waterfront, which offers a wide choice of restaurants and tavernas whether to taste the bougatsa, a typical cake stuffed with cream or cheese, or kontosoùfli, typical dish meat. For a beer or talk in the district Nea Krini, you can relax in one of the Ouzeri, a typical restaurant of Thessaloniki, or in a traditional pub.

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