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    Kalamata International Airport Car Rental

    Kalamata International Airport, also called Capitain Vassilis Konstantakopoulos, connects the town of Messenia to the rest of Europe and is operational especially in the summer, when large flows of travellers get to the city.

    Kalamata, indeed, is a town that, however small, offers different historic and artistic attractions. For this reason, it was decided to construct the airport in 1950, to facilitate the connections to other countries. Despite of being a modern and well projected structure, the airport has a huge flaw: it is not served by enough public transportation lines for the travellers, who are often obliged to resort to a taxi or a car to move in the surroundings.

    Luckily, reaching Kalamata is quite easy, since it is just 15 km from the airport: you just have to drive along the A7 until you get to city centre. Once landed, you can rely on the car rental service at Kalamata Airport, that you can book on RentalUp, to be sure you will have an affordable vehicle.

    Kalamata Airport Car Rental

    Kalamata: points of interest

    Kalamata is in Messenia, one of the most known regions of the Peloponnesus. The olives produced in this land between sea and mountains, for example, are very appreciated.

    Kalamata city is right at the feet of the mountain range Taygetos and therefore it offers breath-taking panoramas, which are, however, not second to the points of historical and artistic interest in the surroundings.

    The most important ones are in the old town, where every corner hides a different marvel. You cannot miss the Byzantine church of the Holy Apostles, an ancient monument that, together with the Ypapanti Cathedral, attracts thousands of travellers. Actually, the Cathedral is not particularly old: built in 1800, it is however a fine example of the Byzantine style revised according to modern standards. Inside, it preserves an icon which has its origin in the VI century.

    On the heights around Kalamata, you can notice an imposing building, which was not destroyed by the terrible earthquake that affected the city in the 1980s. It is the Kastro, the castle, that has been guarding from pirates and invaders since the XII century.

    Its origin is not Greek, but French: according to the legend, a soldier wanted its construction to witness the French power over the Peloponnesian city. However, the Kastro repeatedly fell into the ends of other populations, such as the Turks, the Venetians and the Byzantines, but the stormy past of the site does not undermine its current quiet. Surrounded by a shadowy pine forest, the Castle of Kalamata is perfect for a day trip.

    The city gives great importance also to the recent past, as you can see in the Municipal Railway Park: in this small green area there are some old trains that have characterised the industrial background of the city. Ideal for an unusual trip, compared to beaches and temples, this place is perfect also for families, since it has a wide playground and bars to refresh from the summer heat.

    You cannot neither miss the old station, valuable relic of the industrial archaeology. You can take advantage of the car rental service at Kalamata Airport to easily move in the city and in its surroundings.

    Panorama of Kalamata
    Kalamata Beach

    Kalamata: art and culture

    Kalamata has become over the years a centre where art and culture are cultivated with passion by all the citizens. In particular, the International Dance Centre of Kalamata, that has made the city famous thanks to the organisation of a festival that engages expert dancers from all over the world, is very appreciated.

    Acting is another art which is highly cultivated and the theatre of Kalamata hosts ancient and modern shows in its halls all year round, even though in summer the action moves to a small amphitheatre in front of the Kastro. Here the works of the great Greek dramaturgs are especially re-enacted, using sets and costumes as faithful as possible to tradition.

    The Philharmonic centre of Kalamata is, instead, entirely dedicated to music and has its own band, which is not rare to see marching in a parade throughout the city and Greece.

    The last point of interest to learn something more about the culture of Kalamata is the photography club, founded by the citizens in the 1980s. Here you can not only admire pictures portraying the wonderful landscapes of Messenia, but also attend to workshops and visit annual exhibitions also by world-wide famous photographers.

    The car rental at Kalamata Airport is the best solution to easily visit these places in the city centre.

    Kalamata Castle