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Campania is one of the most fascinating regions in Italy: suggestive, picturesque, also chaotic, but able to give continuous emotions and Naples represents the maximum expression of this, a beautiful and lively city that satisfy who visit it.

Naples is a very big city and, whether you are here for a vacation, for business or other, having a vehicle to move in autonomy is always convenient. Booking online on RentalUp.eu, you can take advantage of the car rental service from Naples station. Once picked the car up, you can drive towards your destination in tranquillity.

Naples Station is one of the most active railway stations in Italy, after those of Milan and Rome and is in the city centre, ideal starting point to discover the Parthenopean city.

Napoli Station Car Rental

The artistic monuments in Naples

Naples is a city with a centuries-old history, that is lost in the mists of time and that contributed to write an important page of the Italian history. In Naples and in the surroundings, there are many monuments, some of which are world-wide famous.

Exiting from the city and heading south, taking advantage of the car rental service at Naples Station, you will easily reach the famous Pompei and Ercolano, the two cities that were submerged by the lava of the Vesuvius during the famous eruption that fossilized everything and that today allows us to visit these unique sites immersing ourselves in the atmosphere of the time.

In Naples there is no lack of monuments, so that UNESCO has included the city among the World Heritages; the religious buildings, above all, are of great relevance, included the Christian catacombs.

The Neapolitan churches represent different styles, being the witnesses of over 17 centuries of history; among the most important ones we must include the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which has been built since 1200 on former sacred buildings. The construction took a long time and this led the Cathedral to have different styles, from the Gothic to the Renaissance style, passing through the Baroque and the Neogothic.

Among the civil buildings, instead, we can mention the royal residences: the Royal Palace, overlooking the main square Piazza del Plebiscito, is perhaps the most famous one and dates back to 1600, under the Bourbon domination.

The Maschio Angioino is a Medieval castle, symbol of the city, which stands on the seashore creating unique sceneries that reveals themselves before visitors’ eyes. Another unmissable attraction in Naples is Castel dell’Ovo, but we must admit that the whole city is an open-air museum where you can immerse yourself into the traditions and the culture of people who live with the sun in the eyes and in the heart, who are never discouraged and are always jovial.

Sanità, Chiaia, Posillipo, Vomero, the Harbour: all of them are areas that deserve to be explored. Moreover, there are many panoramic points in the city from where you can enjoy the view of the Gulf with the great lord on the background, the Vesuvius, which makes picturesque and uncommon the whole thing. Then, there are the islands of the Gulf, true natural works of art, such as Capri and Ischia.

Cathedral of Naples
Piazza Plebiscito

Food and nightlife in the Parthenopean city

Naples is world-wide famous for its food, exported to every country, but is famous above all for pizza. In Naples, pizza is a true ritual that you cannot miss; there are endless pizzerias where you can eat the authentic Neapolitan pizza, especially in the old town.

Naples is a solar, lively and funny city, the perfect place to have fun. For this reason, the Neapolitan nightlife is active until late at night and there are many nightspots which offers fun both in the city centre and in the hinterland. Thanks to the car rental at Naples Station, you can move to Bagnoli, one of the districts of Naples overlooking the sea to have fun in the most frequented clubs in the city.

Pizza in Naples