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The surface of Lombardy is almost divided between plain (which represents about 47% of the territory) and mountainous areas (which accounted for 40.6%). The remaining 12.4% of the region is hilly. In geographic terms, the Lombardy territory can not be considered a unit, in the sense of territory bounded by precise physical configurations, and the variety of landscapes that cross without enclosing it, and because the administrative boundaries, very often, are the result of complex historical events. However, it is possible to delineate approximately its territory through administrative relief, lakes and rivers. In general, the summers are hot and strong continentality means that on some occasions the temperatures are above 35 ° C. In these months of the year are also frequent storms and sudden showers also accompanied by hail. Winters are cold, this time of year there are also abundant rain and snowfall. Rent a car is the best solution for all those who is tired to waiting and subjected t o the schedulesof city buses and regional decide to spend your vacation in complete liberty and independence. Hire a low cost car in Lombardy, allows you to travel to the wonderful city of art and not miss anything of the wonders of the region of Lombardy offers to its visitors.

Milan, the capital of fashion, design and glamor

Milan fashion, design e glamourIt is one of the most important industrial centers of Italy, or maybe the most important, is rich in history, art, culture, innovation, fashion and vitality; can not be visited the Cathedral, il Duomo famous throughout the world for its majesty and beauty. To visit the city of Milan, if you are a tourist and you come from far away  there is the possibility to rent a car in Milan to visit its wonderful views and not miss anything of the city of Milan. Another monument is the symbol of Milan Castello Sforzesco, originally conceived as a purely military structure,then it was redesigned as a stylish court for the lords of the city. To the east are located the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, considered the second most important church of the city, and the complex host the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Another site of point of interest is the Monumental Cemetery, which houses the tombs of the most illustrious citizens of Milan. Another must see is the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and especially the theater  of theateres: the Theater La Scala of Milan. The focal points of the rental in Lombardy are obviously those airport, the car rental in Milan at the airport of Malpensa, despite the decline in volumes linked to the decline of International flights Alitalia, yet provide services to around one million passengers each year . The real city airport of Milan is Linate which houses mainly domestic flights with purpoes of business. The passenger  landing and take advantage of the services of hire  car in Milan Linate Airport can enjoy the offer of all the major international car rental companies as well as many local operators that offer pick-up service at the airport and transfer at the rental centers distributed in the surrounding areas of the airport Milan Linate.

Bergamo: ancient history

beautifull Bergamo Another stop not to be missed is Bergamo, a city literally divided in two parts by the architectural point of view: the Upper (bounded by the walls and in the mountains) is a medieval city, surrounded by ramparts built in the sixteenth century, during the rule of Venice , the Low (modern, plain) is crossed by the river Morla for 8 miles, comes from the development of some villages located along the main roads that led coming down from the hills to the plains, the main towns are: Borgo Canale, Borgo San Leonardo , Borgo San Tomaso. To visit in the best way, this city, it's really helpful to have a rental car in Bergamo. Between Porta Nuova and Sentierone has the center and, with regard to Bergamo Alta, the best placet o known is the Piazza Vecchia, then there is the Civic Tower and the Palazzo della Ragione.For Bergamo Bassa,Bergamo Low instead Seat of the prefecture, the City and Province. To visit the town of Bergamo,if you arrived by plane and you do not have any vehicles at your service,is possible to rent a car at the airport of Orio al Serio, to make sure you do not miss a single minute of your solida in Bergamo.

Como: between Manzoni and charm citizen

ComoThank to Car deals in Lombardy you can move the charming of Como.The city became famous for the famous work of Manzoni's "The Betrothed." The most distinctive landmark is surely the homonymous lake, it is situated on the border between Lecco and Como and is famous for its shape inverted "Y". Border town between different cultures, Como attracts international tourism linked to the natural environment, and it is an industrial center based on the industry of silk. The winter Como present a low temperatures in November, December, January, February and sometimes March normally can fall below freezing and are usually accompanied by high humidity. To discover the beautiful shores of the lake and visit the city, RentalUp, offers  you a low cost,car hire in Como.

Lecco: Neverending Story of Art

Lecco and its fantistic lakeAnother location to visit is Lecco. This city is spread in a warehouse flooded and is surrounded by the lake and foothills. By car you can go through the quaint streets to "covered porches," coming in nineteenth-century squares that make Lecco a diamond set between water and mountains. Has 86 monuments of which the main ones are: Minor Basilica of St. Nicholas Roman, Palace of Fears, Theatre of the Society, Palazzo Bovara and the church of Santa Marta. To visit in comfort and tranquility the Lombard city, you can rent a car in Lecco, at very reasonable prices.

Lodi flavors and splendor of a wonderful land

Flavours and splendor in LodiContinuing to the right of the Adda you get to Lodi, the city was founded by the famous "Barbarossa" (Frederick I of Swabia), the lives of citizens and tourists focuses on two historic squares: Piazza Maggiore and Piazza Mercato. The first overlooks the Cathedral, the second is the economic center of the city. For those who want to visit autonomy and comfort throughout this city in Lombardy, it is possible to rent a car in Lodi, thanks to RentaUp.eu  Nowadays, the city is an important road junction and industrial center (in the fields of cosmetics, crafts and dairy production). It is also the reference point of a territory voted mainly to agriculture and livestock. The climate in the Lodi area, like the rest of the Po Valley, has specific characteristics related to the continental: the summers are very hot and characterized by sultriness.

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