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    Brescia Station Car Rental

    Brescia city presents itself as modern, active and dynamic, but encloses valuable artistic and historic treasures, so that it has been included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage.

    Whatever your needs are, having a vehicle to move in autonomy is always convenient. Booking online on RentalUp.eu, you will have the opportunity to exploit the car rental service at Brescia Station.

    Once picked your rental car up, you can drive towards your destination in tranquillity.

    Brescia Station Car Rental

    Some curiosities about Brescia Station

    Brescia Station, also known as Main Station in order to distinguish it from the suburban ones, is the most important railway station of the city and is along the line Milan – Venice: from here you can get to localities such as Lecco and Parma, just to mention a pair.

    Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important train stations throughout Lombardy, considering that over 20 million passengers pass through every year. Its inauguration took place on 23 April 1854 and, recently, the station has undergone several changes that made it one of the most modern stations throughout the Lombardian territory.

    Brescia Cathedral
    Brescia Castle

    What to see during a vacation in Brescia?

    Visiting Brescia, you will soon notice how this city is, sadly, underestimated from a touristic point of view.

    A visit to the Old Cathedral can alone let you already understand how much beauty the “Lioness of Italy” hides. This building dating back to the XI century has always been kept intact, becoming one of the most interesting examples of the Romanic architectonical style in Italy.

    After the Old Cathedral, for a sort of temporal sequence, you must admire the New Cathedral, whose construction dates back to the early XVII century however, its inauguration was during the XIX century.

    Continuing on this time travel, also the Capitolium Temple, one of the still visible sign of how much important Brescia was during the age of the Roman Empire, deserves to be visited; this perception will become certainty when you will have the opportunity to visit the Roman Theatre, that has reached our days in perfect conditions.

    Obviously, Brescia as well as any other important city, has places of worship which deserve to be seen. Among the many that are worth a visit, we can mention two churches characterised by the fact of being literally attached each other: the Church of San Salvatore and the Church of Santa Giulia.

    Lastly, among the places you cannot miss during a vacation in Brescia, we must also mention Piazza della Loggia and the Castle of Brescia: the first one, famous for having been theatre of a terrible terroristic attack more than 40 years ago, is the most important square in the city, whereas the second one is a fortress dating back to the Middle Age and one of the flagships of the city from the historical and cultural points of view.

    Brescia Gate