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    Rental car Verona - Cheap hire car Verona

    view of VeronaLand of culture, love, natural beauty, Verona is a small gem Italian, known throughout the world thanks to the drama of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Those, therefore, want to reach by air in the land of the Montecchi and the Capuleti might need a car to travel between the street of the city. If you want to leave from Verona, you have many opportunities provided by RentalUp, which allows you to take a rental car in Verona, in different parts of the capital of Veneto.

    Verona: thousand years of history at the door of the visitor

    downtown VeronaEnjoying the car taken in the car hire in Verona, you will have the opportunity to visit with calm and serenity, even the monuments most distant from the center, and that could hardly be reached on foot: we refer, for example, the Austrian fortifications and door Venetian, Porta Borsari, dating from the first century AD, and Castelvecchio, the great church of San Zeno and Ponte Piera, the church of St. George and Santa Maria in Organo. Thanks to the car given by the site, also, you can climb the Torricelle, namely the hills overlooking the city (often the scene of cycling races, including the World Championships) from which you can admire a breautiful  view. Towards the center, you can get close to the famous houses of "Romeo and Juliet", then move on to Piazza dei Signori, unanimously considered a museum of architecture itself. And again, thank you to the car rental we can move towards Piazza delle Erbe to admire the fountain of Madonna Verona, and discover the hidden treasures of the city and less hidden. In addition to the Arena, amphitheater built by the Romans almost two thousand years ago, the palaces and Arche Scaligere, beautiful masterpiece of the gothic period. Moreover, those who want to visit the city and arriving by plane, it is possible to hire a car at the airport Villafranca, don’t  to miss a single minute of your vacation. Spectacular views, tower houses, Romanesque churches, palaces renaissances elegant, richly decorated buildings: Is there a more exciting city of Verona?

    Living places of Shakespeare in comfort

    monument of VeronaThanks to RentalUp to have a low cost car rental in Verona is simple, fast and quick: a chance to move smoothly in the city of Verona, with no problems of cost, time or trouble to move.

    Verona is considered by tourists a city composed of layers: explore them one after the other with a car rented car can be a fun, exciting and culturally stimulating. The ability to spend very little and rely on ongoing support and ready to meet our every need. Thanks to RentalUp, to have a low cost car rental in Verona is simple, fast and quick: a chance to move smoothly in the city of Verona, with no problems of cost, time or trouble to move.Through our services, a tour in the Adige, in the city of eternal love of Shakespeare, but also the beauty of Roman buildings can be transformed into a unique and unforgettable experience. From anywhere in the early sightseeing tour, will be a success.