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Agadir is a lively resort town along the south-western coast of Morocco, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. It is in the heart of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve and is known as one of the largest producers of the famous argan oil, much appreciated for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Agadir is today loved for its almost always warm and sunny climate, for the sea and for the presence of spas and thalassotherapy centres. A few steps from the town, there is also the awesome Paradise Valley with the Immouzer waterfall and the Honey Festival, that animates the area in May.

Agadir Al Massira International Airport is about 25 km from Agadir and is in the Inezgane-Aït Melloul prefecture: it is a mainly touristic airport, the third largest one in Morocco and operates flights coming from the rest of the country (Laayoune, Marrakech, Dakhla and Casablanca), but also international flights, especially from Europe. It is equipped with the main facilities for the passengers, from the dining areas to the duty-free shops, from the banking services to the post office and the free Wi-Fi.

We recommend you to take advantage of the car rental service at Agadir Airport to discover in complete freedom the beauties of Agadir and of its surroundings: you can, indeed, easily pick your rental car up directly at the airport, after having booked it on RentalUp.

You can get to Agadir driving along the road N-10 or the N-1.

Al Massira Airport Car Rental

Agadir: points of interest

In the XV century, some Portuguese merchants founded Agadir in order to intensify the trade with the Saharan peoples: a friendship between the Portuguese Olhão and Agadir still exists today, witnessed by the Jardim de Olhão realized in Berber style and including also a gallery where works of art by Moroccan artists are exhibited.

The harbour of the city has become more and more important since the XVI century, with the expansion of the Saudi Empire. The slow decline of Agadir started with the displacement of trade flows towards Essaouira at the behest of the sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah until the devasting earthquake of 1960, that spared only some ruined mosques and the Kasbah on top of the hill of Cap Ghir.

Agadir achieved to rise again, getting populated with residential neighbourhoods, hotels and inns, especially on the beautiful sea promenade: in the morning watching the fishermen’s boats coming back full of fish is very pleasant, as well as at sunset the sea promenade gives unforgettable views over the bay. The sea of Agadir is particularly calm in certain days, revealing crystal clear waters gently sloping, whereas in other days the sea gets bigger thanks to the wind and becomes a place for fun for the lovers of surf, kite surf and sailing.

The beach of Agadir is really appreciated by tourists and is an offshoot of the Sahara Desert, extended up to the Atlantic Ocean: it has a half-moon shape and extends for 10 km from the estuary of the river Oued Sous to the port.

Taking advantage of the car rental service at Agadir Airport, you can visit also the other beaches of the area, such as those of Tifnit, Aghround and Banana Beach, so called by the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix in 1960 for the huge presence of banana plantations.

Typical House Agadir
Agadir beach

Agadir: art and culture

From the sea promenade you can admire the hill where there are the remains of the Kasbah, built around 1541 during the reign of Mohammed Ech-Sheikh in order to protect the city from the hostile attacks. After the earthquake of 1960, only part of the majestic walls, some bastions and the entrance gate to the citadel have remained. Today, on top of the hill of the Kasbah, at 236 meters of height, the inscription “God, Homeland, King” dominates.

As well as the other Moroccan cities, also Agadir has its own souk, part of the culture of the Moroccan country and it is considered among the biggest ones in Maghreb: within it, there are about 6000 shops that, in a triumph of scents and colours, exhibit spices, exotic fruits, the unmissable argan, but also artisanal products, among which jewels, wrought-iron lamps and elegant rugs.

Agadir is rich in museums such as the Musèe Municipal and the Musèe du Patrimoine Amazigh, dedicated to the Berber culture: crossing the azure gate of a XVII century building, you can admire everyday objects, jewels, the daggers and the embroidered garments worn both by the Berber men and women, but also ceramics and musical instruments. Within the Museum also the interesting ethnographic collection by Bert Flint is preserved.

Thanks to the car rental service at Agadir Airport, you can visit some of the most beautiful places in Morocco, starting from the historic Tiznit, surrounded by 7 km of crenelated walls interspersed with doorways and towers: within it there is one of the most loved souk of jewels in Maghreb.

You cannot miss, then, a visit to the enchanting Essaouira, three hours by car from Agadir: famous for the production of argan oil and for the ability of its cabinetmakers, Essaouira has a wonderful Medina, surrounded by the Skala de la Kasbah, a XVIII-century fortification dotted by brass guns, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the ocean.