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In Spain is located a paradise region called Basque territories that combine beautiful unspoiled nature to a level of technological progress that reached its peak in Bilbao, the capital.


Morphology and history of the Basque Country

Vitoria-GasteizThe Basque Country Autonomous Community were born as the Spanish province with Vitoria-Gasteiz as the official capital.The territory is divided into three main areas including, Álava, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa: the geography further emphasizes that division by the imposing presence of the Basque Mountains.The Atlantic Basin is a tourist destination par excellence, presenting countless natural attractions in the area such as the estuary of Bilbao and the Bilbao Abra bay. This is the area to the border with French territory which therefore enjoys a blend of landscapes which derive from such a culture and from the classic Spanish tradition.

The Ebro valley and its features

Rioja AlavesaThe territory of Rioja Alavesa is what part of the border with the southern mountains down to the river Ebro. The climate in this market differs greatly from that which characterizes pseudo-tropical cities such as Bilbao, presenting a mix of Mediterranean ideal for rehabilitation of agricultural land.It is therefore an ideal area for itineraries dedicated to leisure, perhaps including a visit to one of the many farms that also offer tasting of local wines, widely known and appreciated.RentalUp offers a low-cost car hire all over the Basque Country, providing customers with a line of links fast and secure and the best solution for those who need to frequently travel.

Bilbao: dream city

bilbaoThe city of Bilbao is one of the most important urban centers in the region of the Basque Country and is certainly the first commercial point of reference: the population stood at 900,000 inhabitants, making it one of the largest complexes citizens in Spain. Rich in cultural and recreational attractions in background, great for tourism.The climate ensures warm temperatures throughout the year ensuring a level of annual tourism remarkable. For those arriving by plane,can take a low cost, a rental car at the Bilbao airport to fully enjoy the Basque city. Alameda Mazarredo is perhaps the most famous inland route, which connects directly to the old part with the new area of Bilbao. This urban sector includes several points of interest including the Congress and the Guggenheim Museum, internationally renowned for the quality of the exhibitions periodically organized. Do not forget the multitude of local young people and families that distinguish the city center. The various areas of internal connections have discrete, more reason to rely on the services of RentalUp that offers comprehensive coverage of car rental in Bilbao and surrounding municipalities at bargain prices: seeing is believing.

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