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    Hire a car in Santiago de Compostela - Car rental in Santiago de Compostela

    Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de Compostela, the capital of the autonomous community of Galicia, famous for its cultural heritage, also famous for the religious beliefs it see itself preserved the remains of James the Greater, a disciple of Jesus. This city used to be a place of pilgrimage of faith where millions of tourists flock to the streets in the direction of the Cathedral, declared World Heritage Site Site.

    Santiago de Compostela: a pilgrimage to the shrine

    Monuments of Santiago de CompostelaYou have to remember that this city was declared European Capital of Culture, thanks to the enormous cultural heritage that can be admired visiting it. Well worth a visit is the Alameda Park, where you can relax thanks to the expanses of green and where you can take photos with the background, the impressive cathedral. Well worth a visit is the Alameda Park, where you can relax thanks to the expanses of green and where you can take photos with the background, the impressive cathedral, then surely there are plenty of museums, there are at least a dozen and its squares, from the most ancient to the modern, but the most striking are those that extend around the cathedral. Inside the cathedral you can see the largest censer in the world, more than a meter tall and weighing 50kg, much revered by residents as it is said that it was used to remove the odor of pilgrims who visit the cathedral, and is made of brass and silver. In addition, the city of Santiago has a particular belief, when happens that July 25 is a Sunday, it proclaimed the year Jacobean Holy, so we are preparing for an exciting year full of events both religious and cultural and when it happens this year is sacred and also open to the faithful the Holy Door.

    As for the weather that occurs in this city we can say that is ideal, in fact, has a temperate climate that ensures moist mild winters and branches with temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees, in fact, the best time to visit this city is the month of August, because generally the summer is never muggy, so pleasant. Unfortunately, it must be said that despite the summer the best time to visit the city or stay but there is not the sea. but addressing a car in Santiago is possible in an hour or less reach the ocean. After landing, you can already take advantage of a car hire at the Santiago de Compostela Airport, where you can move more comfortably by car, viewing the different types of cars on offer and book it before your travel started. RentalUp also allows you to rent your car from the railway station of this beautiful and mysterious town.