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    Pamplona car rental - Car hire in Pamplona

    PamplonaPamplona is one of the most beautiful and famous city in Spain. It is the destination for many visitors from all over the world to witness and participate in the famous Running of the Bulls. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Navarre. The city can be visited in any way, but to absorb a good time, and enjoy visiting all the attractions present must certainly the opportunity for a cheap car rental in Pamplona.

    Pamplona and its monuments

    Monuments PamplonaOne of the most impressive monuments which contains both historical and religious sights is the Cathedral of Santa Maria. It is the main place of worship of the population and it is composed of various architectural forms, especially Gothic art, and is located in the oldest part of the city, where were found in the past several remains of the ancient Roman civilization. Inside the church you can admire an old gothic cloister of nature, considered one of the finest examples of this ancient art. Definitely worth a visit as part of the history of Pamplona is the Citadel, a military fortress revitalized a large park where you can relax and enjoy the nature, always there are organized many cultural events.

    The festival of San Firmino and the running of the bulls

    Festivity in PamplonaOne of the major attractions for tourists from all over the world, is the festival of San Fermino, patron of the city. This festival lasts for nine days, namely 6 to 14 July. In this period the city was completely transformed, both to accommodate the tourists, that to be the best for the running of the bulls that takes place in the streets of the historic center.

    The celebrations takes place with the launch of a rocket artificial, then you start with the religious services in the chapel of San Fermin in the church of San Lorenzo. In the afternoon, then take part in the event which made Pamplona famous in the world, Encierro, the running of the bulls at the Plaza de Toros. Despite the tourists risk their lives every year. Once in the square, take the bull by the players with the same bulls who took part in the race. The streets of the city then you can see the parades of large papier-mâché puppets, as if it were a great carnival. Every evening, then the light sky of all colors, a fireworks. For all the tourists who arrive by plane, RentalUp offers the possibility to rent a car at the airport in Pamplona with affordable rates, being able to book directly online. We must remember, too, that Pamplona is crossed by thousands of tourists, as part of the path that leads to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, which Pamplona is the stage of departure. For tourists who flock to the city of Navarre, the best agency available on the web for a cheap Rental Car  in Palmplona is undoubtedly rentalup.eu offering a wide range of vehicles to suit all.