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Orlando International Airport Car Rental

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Orlando International Airport is the busiest one in Florida for passenger traffic: nowadays, about 35 million inbound and outbound passengers every year: these data make it the twelfth busiest airport all over the United States of America.

Its construction dates back to the years of the Second World War, when it was built as a military airport. After the end of the conflict, it was not until 1976 that it was inaugurated as a civil airport, with the purpose of guaranteeing connections between Orlando and other American and foreign cities.

The airport is very close to the city centre; it is, indeed, reachable with the rental car booked on RentalUp and picked up directly at the airport, driving along just 11 km.

Among the most important European airlines operating here, we can mention British Airways and Lufthansa: the first one guarantees connections to London, the second one to Frankfurt.

Orlando Airport Car Rental

Orlando: points of interest

Once landed at Orlando International Airport and booked your rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, the discovery of Orlando can begin.

We must say that the great fame this city of Florida has gained over the last years depends on the presence of some theme park such as Disney World and Universal Studios, places that are absolutely worth a visit exploiting the car rental service in Orlando from the airport.

Visiting the Walt Disney World is a must once arrived in Orlando, since it is the most impressive park ever conceived by the human mind. Among the attractions making this theme park the symbol of Orlando we can mention the giant castle of Cinderella.

If you love cinema, you must obviously visit the Universal Studios, that will allow you to enter in close contact with the atmosphere of many movies produced by this company.

Taking advantage of the car rental service from Orlando Airport, you will have the opportunity to discover the city centre featured by the presence of very relaxing places. For example, it is enough to think of the botanic garden named after Harry P. Leu: here, the landscape becomes decisively tropical and you cannot but be amazed.

Another experience you must absolutely enjoy is a stroll along the shores of Lake Eola, one of the most important natural symbols throughout Orlando, that somehow contrasts to the many skyscrapers characterising the city today.

If you would like to discover the beating heart of Orlando you have to get to Thornton Park: here, you will have the possibility to eat in one of the many restaurants that follow one another on the main streets and to discover the typical wooden houses which narrate how the city was before the industrial boom.

Lake Eola
Thornton Park

Orlando: art and culture

The car rental service at Orlando Airport will allow you to move in full autonomy and to plan your days in order to discover, in addition to the amusement parks and the typical districts of the city, also its wide offer from the cultural and artistic points of view.

Not everybody knows, indeed, that this city in Florida holds many surprises from these points of view, such as the Orlando Science Center, the perfect museum for those who love nature. Besides some halls dedicated to the most varied fields of science and history, there are others which narrate the history of Florida from a truly original viewpoint, that is the story of the evolution of flora and fauna not only in Orlando but on the whole country.

Talking about museums, we cannot miss to mention the Orlando Museum of Art: here, you will find in a single exhibition space examples of art from America and from other continents, such as Africa. Moreover, there is a wide space dedicated to the history of the culture of Native Americans.

Lastly, Orlando is also known for the presence of some theatres which contribute to make it a very interesting cultural destination. The most important one is perhaps the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts; this theatre is very modern concerning both its architectonical structure and its acoustic, that is always perfect.

Orlando Science Center

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Orlando International Airport (MCO)