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Portland International Airport Car Rental

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Portland International Airport is the biggest airport in the American state of Oregon and is less than 19 km from the city centre, easily reachable exploiting the rental car booked before departure thanks to the service offered by RentalUp.

The construction work of Portland Airport started in 1926; in that period, the city already had a small airport, used for the commercial and military flights, but the city authorities realized that there was the necessity of a new airport to meet the growing demand.

The construction of the airport was completed in 1935 and, after the second world war, it underwent a restoration work, that made it one of the most important airports all over the United States of America.

Among the airlines operating here nowadays, we can mention the American Airlines and the American Eagle: the first one guarantees connections to Chicago and Phoenix, whereas the second those to Los Angeles.

Portland Airport Car Rental

Portland: points of interest

Once landed at Portland Airport and picked your rental car up directly here, booked on RentalUp, you can soon start the discovery of one of the most atypical American cities.

Portland is characterised by the fact of being the eco-friendly American city par excellence and made to measure for those who love a smart life. Taking advantage of the car rental from Portland Airport, you can reach the Steel Bridge: this is one of the oldest bridges in the city – inaugurated in 1912 – and its architectonical style is typical of the Industrial Revolution.

As said above, Portland is a “green” city; it is enough to think of the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, that is one of the many parks where you can chill out. It is close to the Willamette, the most important river in the city and this contributes to make all very fascinating.

Continuing to exploiting the car rental service in Portland from the airport, you can visit the Japanese Garden, where you can admire plants and flowers of various types. If you particularly love the green areas, you should get to the Chinatown in Portland, a very interesting area enriched by the Classical Chinese Garden, perfect for a relaxing stop during your vacation in this American city.

Another district you must visit is the Pearl District: this area is a clear example of how an old industrial district can be requalified and turned into an area loved by the hipsters from all over the world. Here, there are breweries, cultural meeting centres and houses with a very fascinating architecture; a mix that makes this district an unmissable stage!

Steel Bridge
Waterfront Park

Portland: art and culture

Exploiting the car rental service at Portland Airport, you can discover the city also from an artistic and cultural point of view.

It is enough to think of the Portland Art Museum, one of the most important museums in the city where a very important collection of work of modern art is preserved. Portland, as well as any big American city, is rich in skyscrapers and some of those are famous all over the world; obviously, we are talking about the Portland Building, a skyscraper that is famous for its futuristic architectonical style, that garnered it also some criticism.

Another museum you must visit is the Oregon Historical Society, where the interesting history of Oregon is narrated, starting from the period of the Native Americans. The Pioneer Courthouse Square, that is the oldest square in the city and is in the city centre, is very interesting, too.

You cannot neither miss the Design Museum, that will allow you to discover much about one of the sectors that made the American city so important worldwide.

Lastly, you must take time to visit the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education to discover the history of the Jewish community in Portland, born with the arrival to the city of Jewish European citizens who escaped before and during the second world war from the Nazi persecution: a visit that you cannot forget!

Pioneer Courthouse Square