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Philadelphia International Airport Car Rental

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Philadelphia International Airport is about 11 km from Philadelphia city centre, the most important city in Pennsylvania, in the United States.

It is a very busy airport both for air and passenger traffic all year round. Philadelphia Airport is the main hub for the international flights operated by the American Airlines, and, besides the internal flights, it guarantees the routes to many destinations also in Canada, in the Caribbean, in Mexico and in the European countries.

With its six terminals and four runways, it can offer an efficient service to its passengers and many facilities, such as restaurants, parking areas and numerous shops.

Once landed, you can take advantage of the service offered by RentalUp, which allows you to pick your rental car up, previously booked, directly at the airport, to reach the city centre.

Philadelphia Airport Car Rental

Philadelphia: points of interest

Thanks to the car rental service in Philadelphia from the airport, you can soon start to discover this city and its points of interest.

Philadelphia, nicely called “Philly” by its inhabitants and in the USA, is a city rich in historical references; this is, indeed, the place where the Declaration of Independence first, starting a war against Great Britain, and the Constitution of the United States then were signed.

The city is substantially divided into two parts, each crossed by a river; the first one, the Old Town, on the shores of the Delaware, is the area that encloses great part of the historic attractions, whereas the second one, the University City, crossed by the Schuylkill, is more modern and seems like a typical university city in all respects.

The One Liberty Observation Deck, in Center City, offers an exceptional view over the city of brotherly love to the visitors and is not far from other main attractions such as the Constitution Hall and Love Park.

Besides having the opportunity to take pictures of the city, tourists can use one of the touchscreen monitors to discover many other important sites in the country. The Independence National Historical Park, that is “the most historic square mile in the United States”, is a park rich in attractions, among which the Liberty Bell Center, where you can admire the bronze bell that was rung during the first official reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Other very important attractions are the Congress Hall, the Independence Hall and the close Benjamin Franklin Museum. The park covers a total area of 22 hectares and is a true concentrate of history of the United States.

In the original core of the city there is also the Society Hill, an elegant residential neighbourhood where you can see the traditional red brick houses with the American flag. These buildings were built during the XVIII century and a stroll across the district will allow you to feel the spirit of independence of the city.

If you are searching for fun in Philadelphia, you can visit the zoo, within Fairmont Park, the largest one in the United States, or the Adventure Aquarium, especially fit for families with children, where you can watch the hippos sleeping or feed the penguins, besides seeing sharks, fishes and exotic turtles.

Liberty Bell
Society Hill

Philadelphia: art and culture

Thanks to the car rental service at Philadelphia Airport, you can dedicate part of your vacation to the discovery of the artistic and cultural offer. The main museum in this city in Pennsylvania is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, within which you can admire precious works by artists such as Matisse, Duchamp and Picasso and that has been made famous also by the running on its staircase by Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rocky.

For this reason, you can see many people getting photographed running like the mythical boxer or under the statue dedicated to him, built during the filming of the scenes of Rocky III. Recently, the Museum of the American Revolution was opened: it is in the city centre and was thought to honour the generation of men and women who contributed to the foundation of the United States; in this museum you will find artistic objects, personal diaries and manuscripts, in addition to the weapons used during the war by the Britannic, American and French soldiers.

Exploiting the car rental service from Philadelphia Airport, you can reach the Franklin Institute; here, you will have the possibility to explore the night sky at the Fels planetarium, which guarantees excellent astronomic presentations, to discover engineering, design and technology at TheTech Studio with interactive workshops and demonstrations, to attend live science shows and experience the thrill and the emotion of the escape with the excitement for this great adventure with the Escape Rooms, where the participants are challenged with codes, hints and puzzles to achieve to escape before time expires.

Museum Art