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      01/07/2015 - 

    Holidays in Lanzarote: the Canary Island paradise

    Lanzarote beachWhere would you like to spend your summer holiday? Surely in Lanzarote, an enchanting island which in summertime takes on a charm of its own.

    Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Canary archipelago, located in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the northwestern continental border of Africa.

    Thanks to the island’ strategic position, the weather is always warm although during summertime the temperatures could go up till about 32 degrees.

    Beaches are the feathers of the cap for Lanzarote. There are a lots, both in the northern part and in the southern one. Famara Beach (Playa de Famara) is one of the most well-known located in the northern part of the island. Thanks to the beautiful waves made up by the strongly wind, it’s the best place for tourist that are keen on surfing.

    Otherwise Playa del Risco is not as famous as Playa Famara but very peculiar and wild because has no kind of facilities. It possible to reach this enchanting beach just following “ El Camino de los Gracioseros” , the oldest trail of the island. Take a stroll and experience the beauty of nature. 

    For those who are looking for sandy beaches, Caleta del Mojon Blanco is the cream of the crop! Few tourists know this amazing beach in fact you might have more chance to come across fishermen or inhabitants rather than visitors and travelers. Unwind and enjoy the shining sea in Playa Guacimeta or Playa Flamigo, characterized by long thin sand.

    Then on to Playa Blanca! The most outstanding but smallest beach in Lanzarote that won Blues Flag award: just 5 beaches in the island have received this reward.

    What are you waiting for? Rent your car in and pick it up at Lanzarote Airport!

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