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      19/03/2014 - 40.000 users have already chosen the savings!

    rentalupMore than 40,000 people have chosen to rent a vehicle by RentalUp: in just three years, today we distribute our service all over the world, from Italy to the United States.

    40,000 people have chosen us because our attention is always on their needs; because thanks to us they have picked up their car, camper vans everywhere: at  the international or domestic airport or at th train station.

    40,000 people have chosen us because they saved an average of 60.00 Euros for each rental.

    40,000: a significant number, a tangible sign of affection and trust.

    This means that every day 30 people have chosen and continue to choose RentalUp to book the vehicle

    As always, our slogan is also our philosophy: " The more we are, the less we pay."

    Continue to give us confidence:, we will continue to save you up to 50% on every rental.

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