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      04/07/2015 - 

    Top 10 destinations in the world announced by TripAdvisor

    IstambulSummer is in the air and it’s time to plan your holidays. TripAdvisor published a kind of top 10 about the world’s most breathtaking places.

    Surprise! Marrakech is on top. The third biggest city of Morocco, is considered the most stunning city surrounded by colorful markets, parks and buildings.

    Next, Siem Reap, in Cambodia, unspoiled place with lots of temples, ruins and out-standing landscapes followed by Istanbul, the Turkish Capital, with his beautiful “bazar” and “hammam”. We could not forget the charming mosques and Sultana met District, the heart of historic Old Istanbul.

    Heading towards east, you will find Hanoi, impressive ancient Capital of Vietnam with colonial architecture style. Next, in Prague, Capital of Czech Republic, taste a mix between tradition and modern life style in a beautiful fairytale atmosphere.

    6th place for London but we consider UK Capital as the most bustling city. You will never be bored in this city full of history, art and bars as well as Rome, Italian Capital of historic museums, memorials and monuments. Do not forget another European capital, the Capital of romance and love.. I’m talking about Paris, in France.

    Flight towards South America and visit Buenos Aires, the capital and the largest city of Argentina is well-known as best Latin America’s shopping Capital.

    Last but not least, Cape Town, South Africa Capital, with natural awe-inspiring landscapes.

    Get your flight ticket and choose the city that best suits your needs and your life style!

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