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      02/07/2015 - 

    Weird Laws in Florida

    Weird Laws in FloridaFunny, curious or completely crazy: certain laws of Florida are absolutely strange. Some of this laws are still on the books and will amaze you!

    For example, it is not allowed to sell their own children or have a shower naked ( even in your own privately bathroom).

    Attention! If you are the owner of an elephant and it is tied to a parking meter, you must paid the parking!

    Moreover all the single ladies could be fined for parachuting on Sunday. They might risk fine and/or jail if they break more than three dishes per days or if they fall asleep under a hair dryer. Women found dead in their own bath tub could also be sentenced with high fines… we don’t know how they could pay for it.. it’s up to inheritors.

    Florida has a death penalty (hanging) in case of horse theft. In Miami beach anyone selling oranges on the sidewalk may be punished with 30 days in jail and remember! You must have in your pocket at least 10 dollars! Check it out if you don’t want to get a ticket!

    Then, it is illegal to roll a wheelbarrow through the streets; the amount of the fine depends on its contents.

    Every single legal systems is based on this latin sentence: “ignorantia legis non excusat” so..

    Do not ignore the law in Florida and you will live your life without being fined !

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