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    Minivan Rental - RentalUp

    Rent a Minivan | RentalUpEver thought of starting on a holiday with a group of friends or relatives with a hired minivan?

    RentalUp offers everyone the opportunity to do so and to experience an alternative way, which is nice and cheap, to live their leisure time in company. Opting for a minibus means choosing a holiday that brings wonderful moments back to the mind, these kind of roadtrips were typical in the '70s.

    You will still be able to enjoy the comforts that ensure modernly equipped minibusses with 9 seats.

    Renting a minibus gives you the opportunity to move with absolute freedom, being able to have all the space and comfort you need to fully enjoy the wonders that are shown before our eyes while on board of a 9-seater minivan.

    Our services have adapted more and more to your needs, by giving you different solutions: In addition to cars, campers and vans, you can now even find a 9 seater car or van.

    Our minibus rental service is not only limited to Italy: in fact you can rent this types of vehicles in Spain, Germany, France, America and Great Britain. You can reserve it comfortalby from home in a few simple steps: browse on our website, find the best deals for minibusses and book the one you prefer.

    Thanks to the rental agencies located in the main European capitals and in all the cities in the world, we can always guarantee our customers the opportunity to rent any type of vehicle at the best price ever.

    Book your 9-seater minibus now and enjoy the ride.