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    Van Rental - RentalUp's Offers

    Renting a Van | Low Cost Offers RentalUpThanks to the web portal RentalUp.eu you can have a great help in choosing the van you would like to rent: choose the best vehicle, most suitable for your transport at the best price ever.

    Thanks to the system that checks the availability of vans in real time, you can block the requested vehicle online, then you just have to wait for the voucher with which you will pickup the vehicle. We will find the nearest desk to you, so you won't have to fear not to find an available vehicle.

    Our advanced calculation method that is implemented in the system, automatically checks the availability during the dates you requested and shows the best rates:

    - 24h Rates: Allows you to pickup your vehicle and return it at the same time the next day, without paying additional days.

    - 36h Rates: by adding a small supplement, you can collect the vehicle on the same evening of the reservation, so you can using it in the early hours of the following morning, thus avoiding the inconvenience of waiting for the rental center's opening. In this way, you can keep the rented van for 36 hours without having to pay 2 entire rental days.

    - Weekend Rates: The system excludes Sundays from the calculation and allows you to collect the vehicle on Friday or Saturday morning and make your transports with all the calm you need during the weekend.

    - Weekly Rates: prices carefully crafted with heavy discounts based on the number of rental days. In addition, through partnerships signed on all the national territory with the major rental companies, you have a wide choice of vehicles including hire orient.

    - Monthly Rates: Experience the convenience of monthly rates of RentalUp. Starting from the 28-day rental up you can save on rental of all commercial vans. Compare prices and save with the monthly or multi-month rental.