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Alexandroupoli Airport is near Apalos, in the north-west of Greece. Its construction dates back to 1944, at the end of the Second World War, and eleven years later it became an international airport; meanwhile, it has continued its expansion thanks to restoration works lasted until 1975.

Alexandroupoli International Airport is dedicated to Democritus, the famed Greek philosopher born in the current Abdera. Over the years, taking also advantage of its proximity to Turkey, Alexandroupoli Airport has seen an increase in the number of passengers; in this regard, according to the latest statistics, the annual passenger traffic is of more than 210 thousand people, with a growth of 20% compared to the previous year.

Once landed at Alexandroupoli Airport, here you can easily pick your rental car up, booked on RentalUp, and drive to the city centre (less than 7 km away). Leaving the airport, take the road E02 towards Alexandroupoli and continue for about 5 km, then follow the driving directions to the city centre. Depending on the traffic, you will cover the distance between the airport and the city centre in about ten minutes.

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Alexandroupoli: points of interest

Being the most populous town in Thrace, Alexandroupoli is considered one of the unmissable destinations during a vacation in a region of Greece, which is very different from the one we are used to see.

The symbol of Alexandroupoli is the enormous lighthouse standing over the harbour: it is 27 meters high and, with its light, it can illuminate up to 37 meters away. It is a certainty for sailors and fishermen, but the same can be said for the citizens, who have been aware of finding the sun and their lighthouse every morning for more than 100 years.

The car rental at Alexandroupoli Airport is an indispensable service to discover the whole city; thanks to the car, indeed, you can reach the second most important point of interest: the Evros delta. A picture painted by nature, an authentic paradise for the migratory birds, with 300 of the 400 species in Greece which stop here before leaving to other cities and countries. In the surroundings of the park there are also the Evrosthermal springs, a place little known by tourists, but absolutely unmissable. The thermal springs near Alexandroupoli have been known since the XV century and offer an interesting opportunity to discover the history of Alexandroupoli.

Another place you cannot miss during a stay in Alexandroupoli, taking advantage of the car rental service at Alexandroupoli Airport, is Port Makri, not so much for the structure of the harbour, but rather for the presence of the Cyclops's cave. According to the Greek mythology, the Cyclops are divinities characterised by enormous size and with only one eye. If you know the story of the Odyssey, you should also know that Ulysses blinded the Cyclops Polyphemus, son of Poseidon, arousing the ire of the Greek god of the sea.

Besides the big cave in Makri village, in the surroundings of Alexandroupoli there are other Cyclops’s caves that you can visit during a vacation in the most populous city in Thrace.

Oltre alla grande grotta del villaggio di Makri, intorno ad Alessandropoli ci sono tante altre grotte dei Ciclopi che è possibile visitare durante un soggiorno di due o più giorni nella città più popolosa della Tracia.

Barca ad Alessandropoli

Alexandroupoli: art and culture

On the border between Greece and Turkey, the Monastery of Panagia Kosmosotira is one of the most important artistic and cultural attractions in Alexandroupoli and Thrace. It is in the locality of Feres, just a few kilometres from the Turkish border. In Greek, its name means “salvation of the world”: it was built in the late XII century with a monastery, of which no trace remains. Passed in the Turks’ hands in the XIV century and turned into a mosque, the religious building returned under the Christian influence after the Ottoman age. The church of Panagia Kosmosotira the figure of the saint Isaac Komnenos, whose tomb is preserved in the Ecclesiastical Museum of Alexandroupoli.

The cultural offer of the city is completed by the Ethnological Museum of Thrace and the Natural History Museum of Alexandroupoli. The first one was realized at the end of the XIX century and within it there is a series of objects that recall the tradition of the region of Thrace. If you are interested in discovering something more about Thrace, about its customs and traditions, the Ethnological Museum of Alexandroupoli is the best place you can visit. In the Natural History Museum, you can discover the natural beauties of the region, among which there is the stream of Maistros. Lastly, if you love Greek archaeology, we recommend you to visit the monasteries spread on the Mount Papikio and the interesting archaeological site in Treanoupolis.

Take advantage of the car rental service at Alexandroupoli Airport and do not miss the opportunity to discover this splendid city, crossroads of people with different histories and cultures.


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Alexandroupoli Airport (AXD)