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    Kefalonia Airport Car Rental

    Kefalonia Airport was realized along the western coast of the island, about 8 km from the chief town and not far from the main tourist destinations, such as Sarlata and Metaxata. In summer, the only terminal of the airport is obviously very busy, with charter flights arriving and departing from various European destinations and from the Greek cities of Thessaloniki and Athens. During the other periods of the year, the airport is served only by internal flights.

    The structure of the airport was realized in 1971, whereas a new runway and the current terminal were built starting from the 1980s, in order to facilitate the arrival of numerous tourists on the island. Despite the small size of Kefalonia Airport, the passengers can enjoy all the necessary facilities for a pleasant transit, starting from the dining areas up to the assistance for the disabled passengers.

    We recommend you to book a rental car on RentalUp and to pick it up easily directly at Kefalonia Airport, to live your vacation in full comfort and relax. You will have the possibility to enjoy the island in complete freedom and discover its most suggestive corners. Moving throughout Kefalonia with your own vehicle is easy and comfortable, thanks to the accurate driving directions, so that the car rental service at Kefalonia Airport is the best solution during a vacation.

    Kefalonia Airport Car Rental

    Kefalonia: points of interest

    Kefalonia, in Greek Kefallinia, is the largest island in the Ionian Islands, among which there are also Corfu, Ithaca, Zakynthos and Lefkas: an ideal place for vacation for those who love sea, with a climate often softened by a pleasant breeze, but also for those who would like to often change beach, without having to move for many kilometres. The small harbour of Fiskardo can be considered a Greek Saint-Tropez and it represents one of the most suggestive villages throughout the island, thanks to the old houses with the typical Venetian style. The tourists, however, also appreciate its beautiful bays, above all those of Myrtos and Assos; this latter hosts also a fortress perched on a promontory and dozens of chalk white houses.

    The main port in Kefalonia is Sami, which is about 25 km from Argostoli, the chief town. In 1953, both these localities were almost entirely destroyed by a terrible earthquake, but they are reborn with renovate beauty. Moreover, the area between the gulf of Argostoli and the bay of Lourdata, where there is one of the most beautiful attraction throughout the island, the underground fjords or Katavothres, is very interesting from the landscape point of view. In general, the northern part of the island is the most frequented one by tourists in summer, whereas in the south there are lonely beaches, besides the village of Thiramona or Skali. Right from this stunning coastline, in the clear days, you can admire the profile of Zakynthos. Thanks to the car rental at Kefalonia Airport, you will easily visit all these places.


    Kefalonia: art and culture

    In the XV century Kefalonia and all the islands of the archipelagos, unlike the other Greekterritories, were dominated by the Venetians and not by the Turks and, for this reason, they were the subject of a great cultural and artistic ferment, not undergoing a passive occupation, but enjoying a great freedom of expression in many fields. Local painters, poets, and writers got in touch with the foreign ones and so the arts were extraordinarily enriched.

    In particular, the fine arts developed with works preserved in the various churches in Kefalonia, whereas the architecture flourished through the various streets of Argostoli, where you can find the main noble palaces. Among these, there are the Fortress and the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos. This latter preserves the remains of the patron saint of Kefalonia, Saint Gerasimos, and is located at about 400 meters of height; the church is imposing and rich in precious wall paintings. On 15th August, in occasion of the celebration of the Patron Saint, a solemn celebration is organized both in the monastery and in all the villages of the island with typical markets and events.

    About 5 km from the chief town, there is the Castle of Agios Georgios, easily reachable thanks to the car rental service at Kefalonia Airport; the castle is Byzantine and was an important seat during the Venetian domination. Nowadays, you can admire what remains of the walls, tanks, wells and many bridges. The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli is a very interesting cultural destination because it collects findings dating back to the Neolithic, the Palaeolithic, the Mycenaean and the Hellenic ages. Still in Argostoli, you must visit the memorial of the Italian dead during the terrible massacre of Kefalonia by the German army.