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view of RomeRome is the Eternal City, is one of the few cities that offer excitement at every street corner, in every garden, in every street, in every voice that you hear on the street. In Rome do not get bored, you can spend hours looking at something new, unique, hard to find elsewhere. Rome is immortal, Rome is immortal, its monuments survive to time, unchanged and unchangeable, like the magic of this city.

The Roman coast: tropical dream in Italy

monument of RomeThe city center of Rome Capital is extremely broad and to see everything, or at least make sure to visit the most important places you need to have a car. If you are arriving by plane, you can either rent a car at the airport of Ciampino and be able to rent a car at the airport of Fiumicino. Taking rental car in Rome, you can go easily to the coast in less than 30 km far away from the center of Roma Capitale you arrive at Lido di Ostia, a regular destination of many Romans who during the summer did not depart from Rome and spend their holidays here. Ostia give the name to a famous Roman road, the Ostiense, that connected the urban center of the city at the time to the urban center of Ostia, which is not to be confused with the modern city. Antique Ostia, in Roman times, it was a small town at the mouth of the Tevere, stretching along the coast, but with the sedimentation of the river today is offset by a few km. Until today Ostian has been extended to continue to the modern town hall. Ostia Antica can be considered as one large cable archaeological, is a whole Roman city that it it trying to protect and preserve, with its palaces, the forum, the public areas and roads. Antique Ostia is 30minutes drive from Rome, and in 5 minutes from Ostia Lido. If you love the sea, instead of stopping in Ostia Lido, you can continue to Fregene, which can be reached in just 40 minutes drive from the center of Rome. Here you can enjoy an almost pristine and long beach usually not very crowded due to its size, it is a tourist center of considerable importance, much frequented by the inhabitants of the interior of Lazio and international tourists. Fregene also has a history similar to that of Ostia Lido, being kind in its present form in the projects of urbanization and reclamation imposed by Fascism, but it was already known in Roman times as a river port. is considered the pearl of the Roman coast thanks to its dunes.

The capital is admired

Colosseum The heart of the capital its center, it is true, many areas are limited to traffic, but by car you can move easily from one area to another and then parking it in areas subject and continue on foot. Without getting out, you can go in the central Piazza Venezia, the seat of the Vittoriano, the War Memorial, then continue in the glorious Via dei Fori Imperiali, admiring on the right the remains of the Imperial Forums, only to find themselves suddenly in front of the magnificence of the perhaps the most famous monument in the world: the Colosseum, you can then go in via Ottaviano, home to many shops for alternative shopping, which is a few hundred meters from Piazza San Pietro and the Vatican City, as then visit the Lungotevere , especially at sunset, when the waters is red, and creates fascinating reflections on the many bridges that cross it.