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    Rental car Turin - cheap hire car Turin

    Turin viewTurin, the capital of the province of Piedmont, is the third third prong in Italy for economic and population follows only the cities of Rome, Milan and Naples.The urban area which includes the towns surrounding occupies an area of 1,100 square kilometers.


    Turin and surroundings, art and culture

    Monument of turinThe city lies on the plains with rivers Po and Dora Riparia that surround the historic center. The highest point of Turin is one of the Colle della Maddalena (715 m.) Where the Faro della Vittoria. The north-west of the city is surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Alps, covered in snow during the winter. The city of Turin was the capital of the Duchy of Savoy, then of the Kingdom of Sardinia and, finally, from 1861 to 1865 was the first capital of Italy. Turin today is one of the major universities, cultural, tourist and scientific center of Italy. Town thanks to the Fiat Group is the largest Italian center for the automotive industry. The city is also important center for sectors such as publishing, film, telecommunications, advertising, food and drink, sport and design. Turin belongs to the band CFA: mid-latitude temperate climate with cold winters, hot summer, and no dry season. More precisely, Turin has a temperate sub-continental, with cold winters and relatively dry and hot summers and sometimes sultry for the lack of wind in the western Po Valley. The main attractions that can be visited comfortably and safely with the car rental Turin is the Mole, home of the National Museum of Cinema, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (which houses the Holy Shroud), the museum Egyptian (second only to that of Cairo), Palazzo Carignano, Palazzo Madama and the Savoy Gallery and its paintings.

    The city of Turin has an incredible charm and a unique attraction in the world it is able to attract large numbers of tourists who arrive by any means, of course, the increased flow occurs by plane. From here, for those do not know how to start on their tour there is the possibility offered by the site RentalUp, to hire a car at the airport Caselle. The city also has many museums, churches, sanctuaries, theaters, art galleries, libraries, palaces, villas, statues and the long kilometers of arcades monumental age of the Middle Ages. The main companies involved in car hire in the municipal area are Europ Taxi in Top Rent Italia in strada settimo, C.A.A.R.P. in corso Regio Parco, Augusta noleggi in corso Orbassano, Alex Auto in via Santa Maria Mazzarello e Auto Giacosa in via Carso. I the city there are also the headquarters of the main competitors such as Avis car rental, Europ Car, Morini Rent and Maggiore with strategic locations at the airport areas and at major traffic junctions. Reach Turin with a hire car allows you to move easily in the area is due to work commitments and leisure. In addition, this service allows you to choose where to pick up and where to return, so as to allow customers maximum flexibility to move. If you arrive by train, you can find a car rental direcly at the main railway stations as: Turin Porta Susa Railway Station or Turin Porta Nuova Railway Station