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Brindisi Papola Casale Airport Car Rental

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Brindisi Airport

The airport of Brindisi was built in the early 1920s and it was originally used as a military airport. It was converted into a civil airport in the 1930s, when a connection with Rome was instituted.

During the Second World War, the airport was closed and then reopened in 1947. In the 1960s, a connection with Catania was added too and renovation works started.

Over the years, it has become more and more strategically important, so that many low-cost companies, such as Ryanair, work here on an ongoing basis, granting connections not only with the most important Italian cities, but also with foreign countries. To reach the centre of Brindisi or Lecce by car from Brindisi airport, you need to drive respectively 4 km and 49 km.

Brindisi Airport Car Rental

Ostuni, the white town

Once landed at Brindisi Airport, you can rent a car, which you have previously booked on RentalUp, to go to Ostuni, one of the most beautiful places in Apulia, also known as the white town because of the colours of the old town buildings.

The Aragon walls, which enclose the entire city, are the first place to visit in Ostuni: if once they used to protect Ostuni from foreign attacks, nowadays they seem to preserve it as a semi-urban treasure chest rich of history.

The Cathedral of Ostuni is really interesting. It was built in XV century at the behest of Ferdinand of Aragon and Alphonse II and it has been subject to several restorations. It is located in Piazza del Balio, which dates back to the Middle Ages. In 1992, it was honoured National Monument, as it is one of the most interesting examples of Gothic style not just in Apulia Region, but in the whole country.

The Church of San Giacomo di Compostela is also particularly interesting: this place of worship, originally a chapel of the Caballerio family, was built according to the Gothic style. The same style has characterised also the Church of San Francesco until 1965, when the building was transformed.

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The splendour of Lecce Baroque

Among the most interesting cities that you can reach from Brindisi there is Lecce, the true cradle of Baroque. One of the most beautiful monuments in the city is the Cathedral of Santissima Maria Assunta, a symbol of Lecce Baroque.

The side façade is often confused with the main one, since that is the first one you see entering the square. The front façade, on the side, is majestic and richly decorated. Piazza Duomo is the most important and famous square of the city: here, in addition to the Cathedral, you can admire Palazzo del Seminario and Palazzo Vescovile.

Symbol of Lecce and of Salento’s baroque is Basilica of Santa Croce, with its enchanting façade and the refined decorations. Adjacent to it, the convent of Celestini, the current seat of Prefecture, completes the scenery.


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Brindisi Car Rental

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