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Trapani Birgi Airport Car Rental

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Trapani Airport

Trapani Airport was built in the early 1960s and it originally used to offer the flights of Alitalia, which granted various connections, included to Tunis and Palermo. Later, connections to Naples and Rome were added.

However, at the end of the last century the airport began to be used less and less, and then flourished again from the early XXI century, when connections to Venice, Milan and Bari were instituted. Among the airlines that currently work in this airport, there are Air One, which grants the connection to Milan, and Ryanair, which allows connections to important foreign cities such as Amsterdam and Maastricht. To get to Trapani city centre by car, you have to drive about 17 km.

Trapani Birgi Airport Car Rental

Trapani, between Arabian and Baroque

Once landed in Trapani Airport and picked the rental car up, after having booked it on RentalUp, you can start discovering one of the most beautiful Sicilian cities, thanks to its mix between Arabian and Baroque styles.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the age of the Moresque domination of Trapani and Sicily, you just have to walk along the streets ant the alleys of the old town, which recall that period. In the main streets of the cities you can, instead, find the majority of baroque palaces, among which Palazzo Riccio di Morana and Palazzo Milo must be mentioned.

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, a real architectonic and artistic beauty, is one of the most important examples of Baroque art in Sicily. Palazzo della Giudecca must be mentioned too: placed in the middle of the Jewish Quarter, is one of the most interesting examples of plateresque style in Sicily. The city is famous not only for being one of the symbols of the Sicilian Baroque, but also for the presence of many religious buildings, so that it is called “the city of the 100 churches”. These places of worship, almost all of which are in Baroque style, are in the old town. In addition to the already mentioned Cathedral of San Lorenzo, we must mention the Church of Santa Maria del Gesù and the Church of the Collegium of Jesuits.

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The most beautiful beaches of Trapani

Trapani, besides offering to the tourists many interesting places from the historical and cultural point of view, is famous also for the presence of some of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. Among all, the most famous is the beach of Alcamo Marina, which extends for little less than 3 km and contends the title of the most beautiful beach of Trapani and the surroundings with the beach of Bonagiali.


Car Rental with no credit card at Trapani Airport

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In a few minutes, you can search and choose place, date and time of pickup and delivery. By applying the “with no credit card deposit” filter, you will get a list of cars that you can rent with no credit card. Choose the one you prefer at the best price offered by one of the partners of RentalUp!

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Trapani Airport Birgi (TPS)