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    Lisbon Airport Car Rental

    Lisbon Portela Airport is in a strategic position to reach the city centre in very short time; it is, indeed, at only 7 km from there and many low-cost and national airlines, included Tap Air Portugal, connect the main European countries to Portugal, so that it is a perfect tourist destination for short journeys or long stays.


    Car Rental Lisbon Airport

    Lisbon Portela Airport is the biggest airport in Portugal, both for passenger traffic and for the offer of flights and services. Moreover, Lisbon is almost in the middle between the North and the South, and so it is also a good starting point to visit the regions of Estremadura and Ribatejo.

    Right for this reason, when you organize a journey in Lisbon, you should choose a car rental service. Once landed in Lisbon Airport, indeed, you can pick your rental car up, after having booked it online, and set off to discover the city.

    There are two terminals in this airport: T1, dedicated mainly to the national airlines, and T2, reserved to the low-cost flights. There are many facilities to make passengers’ transit comfortable, also because in the last years Portugal has registered a tourist boom, that made renovating works necessary.

    Lisbon Airport Car Rental

    Through the streets of the old town

    Portugal capital city has a great number of historic and cultural attractions to be visited and it is also the most cosmopolitan city in the entire country; the central part is upon a hill and going through its narrow and steep streets to get to the most characteristic district, the Alfama, is particularly pleasant, even though it is a little tiring. A labyrinth of alleyways, squares and white lime houses at different height levels from river Tagus.

    The contrast with the Baixa, the quarter below, destroyed by the disastrous earthquake of 1755 and rationally rebuilt, almost as if it were a perfect grid of streets and boulevards, is very clear. The most bohemian zone of Lisbon is, instead, Bairro Alto, to which you can accede through steep stairs and streets flanked by bars, restaurants and Fado houses.

    In the lowest part of Lisbon there is the elegant Chiado, with trendy shops and many lifts leading to the upper areas. Moving to the West along the river Tagus, you cannot miss Bèlem, where there are many Manueline buildings witnessing the greatness of this country in the past. You cannot miss a tour on the belvedere lift of Santa Luzia, to have an overview of Lisbon.

    You can reach the surroundings of the Lusatian city and it is convenient to have a vehicle at your own disposal. Choosing a car rental service at Lisbon Airport allows you to save time and money.

    Rossio Square

    Food and wine tours and Fado Houses

    There are many regional specialties in Portugal, but the famous bacalhau, dry and salted codfish, makes everyone agree.

    There are many ways to prepare it, such as the Gomes de Sa, with diced potatoes, olives and hard-boiled egg, or the Condede Guarda, with a cabbage sauce and potatoes. All the fish caught in the Ocean, such as shrimps, lobsters, prawns and the typical sapateira, a giant crab, is delicious.

    Among the wines, there is, obviously, the Porto, very popular also in the bars of Lisbon, and the Mateus Rosè, which are perfect for a night in one of the many Fado Houses. You cannot miss, indeed, to listen these nostalgic songs representing the soul of Portugal.


    Car Rental with no credit card at Lisbon Portela Airport

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    Lisbon Airport Car Rental without Credit Card