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Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport Car Rental

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Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport is one of the three airports that serve the area of Baltimore.

The airport, equipped with three runways, changed its name recently and, indeed, when it was opened it was known as “Washington National Airport”; the choice to add the name Reagan to that of Washington is due to a heated political battle and, according to the direction of the airport, its aim is to remember the great statist.

The airport hosts above all American airlines, also considered its classification as a national airport. The flights by Delta are important to guarantee connections to the other American states for tourists from abroad. There are many facilities within the airport, such as numerous restaurants, many shops, a duty-free shop and some lounge areas.

The Washington Ronald Reagan Airport is in the county of Arlington and its runways are orientated on the River Potomac, which crosses the state. According to the latest estimates, the airport has a huge passenger traffic: the reports of the company that manages the civil flights in the USA talk about over 20 million people per year.

The airport is also known for having been the one from which, in 1982, the flight Air Florida 90 departed; the plane had an unfortunate ditching over the Potomac one minute after the take-off; 78 people (among which 4 car drivers) died in the accident.

Considered the proximity to Baltimore city centre, once landed at Washington Ronald Reagan Airport, you can pick your rental car up, previously booked thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, and start to discover the city.

Washington Ronald Reagan Airport Car Rental

Baltimore: what to see

Baltimore is a multi-ethnic city located in one of the most beautiful regions all over America. The centre, belonging to the state of Maryland, is a very ancient settlement with the firsts European colons.

Currently, the city benefits of the proximity to the capital of the United States of America, Washington, and, according to the latest estimates, is one of the most visited centres in the whole American continent. We must underline that the city has one of the biggest harbours in the country, with a continuous traffic of big ships heading to Europe and that has undergone a modernisation with many modern buildings.

The marine nature of the city will wrap you with its numerous facets; Baltimore is very close to Chesapeake Bay and the sea is the common thread of the daily life. You cannot miss, for example, a visit to the great Baltimore National Aquarium, that is considered the most beautiful aquarium in the United States of America. Within it, in addition to a huge number of aquatic species, you can discover the history of some animals through interactive tours.

Thanks to the car rental service from Baltimore Airport, you can reach the Port Discovery Children’s Museum, designed above to strike the kids.

From the architectonical point of view, we must mention the Fort McHenry, a military fortress that played a relevant role in the war between United Kingdom and United States of America; with its pentagonal shape, it is said that it inspired the building of the more known Pentagon; the fort is surrounded by a natural landscape and is a national monument.

Exploiting the car rental service at Baltimore Airport, you can also visit the beautiful Catholic Cathedral, the most ancient Christian place of worship all over the United States. Moreover, many people choose to cross the Baltimore Heritage Walk, an about 5-km trail with circa 20 monuments.

Fort Mchenry
Baia Chesapeake

Baltimore and the surroundings

You cannot get to Baltimore without planning a visit also to the close Washington. The city with its thousand attractions is a place you must absolutely visit, at least to closely admire that global icon represented by the White House and the surrounding buildings.

Baltimore is, indeed, less than 50 km far from the administrative capital of the USA and you can easily reach it taking advantage of the car rental at Baltimore Airport.

Once visited the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, you can spend some time in the monumental Arlington Cemetery, true place of worship in America; here, you can pay homage to the tombs of the Unknown Soldier and John Kennedy, one of the most loved presidents in the American history.


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Ronald Reagan Washington Airport Nazionale (DCA)