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Belgium is a country rich in history, culture and traditions and for that the ideal destination for a fascinating and never obvious travel: in addition to monuments and museums, in fact, this country has green landscapes of rare beauty and fine cuisine from internationally acclaimed most discerning palates. The low cost rental car at the Airport of Brussels Charleroi  or at the airport of Brussels Zaventem is a great choice for who arrive in Belgium by plane (the main Italian cities are linked by numerous flights to this airport) and want to explore the capital and other cities of this country in full autonomy.

Brussels: the essentials attractions to see

sunset Brussel The European Parliament, Brussels is the capital of Belgium and undoubtedly one of its main attractions. Although it is a modern metropolis, Brussels is still present on a human scale and has in no way lost all the charm of its glorious past. Among the monuments to visit include the Grand Place onto which the Hotel de Ville with its magnificent tower and the Brewers House in which the interesting museum of beer. Very beautiful are Notre Dame de la Chapelle and the Cathedral of St. Michel, respectively, in Romanesque and Gothic art.From the point of view of food and wine Belgium should not be underestimated: the excellent Belgian beer is in fact served in every corner of the country as well as one of its dishes that mussels with potatoes. Other national food is chocolate, proposed by ancient bakeries in many variations: do not miss, for example, is a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by crispy waffles to the historic Grand Place of Brussels.Car rental in Brussels allows you to enjoy all this and also explore green spaces and nature that are not lacking in the city, rather they are one of the main boast as the capital of Belgium is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Guests can also visit the historical park of Brussels, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken and the famous Botanique garden in the city center.


Belgium: other destinations to discover

BrusselThe low cost car rental from Charleroi Airport is a very good choice and practiced by many tourists to know all corners of Belgium and its rich countries of ancient traditions. Such as the beautiful and green Rochefort where you can enjoy a tasting of the local cheese, Waterloo rich in history and culture in which it is possible to retrace the steps of the historic battle of Napoleon in 1815 and still Liège, the birthplace of the writer George Simenon and home to a prestigious university which makes it a perfect destination for younger tourists. Visit Belgium in the car then also gives the opportunity to take home a piece of its traditions as well as the shopping streets of the capital and major cities offering international brands, in fact, the products and local crafts are present in the streets of city centers and in typical open air markets. It absolutely impossible to leave Belgium without buying a rug, of which the nation has a long tradition, a design object or chocolate.


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