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    Calgary International Airport Car Rental

    The Canadian city of Calgary was equipped with its first airport in 1914, when a small space with a hangar and a short grassy runway was opened in the area called Bowness. Actually, the small airport was not suitable to serve the increasing air traffic and, after trying to build a new centre in Old Banff Coach Road in 1928, the city authorities decided to equip itself with a municipal airport in Renfrew.

    The structure successfully managed the comings and goings of planes for a decade, but in 1938 the airport was relocated again, this time north of Calgary. In 1940, the Second World War hostilities compelled the military authorities to take control of the airport, but the passenger flights continued as usual.

    The hangars of the war period were used also later as passenger terminals, which soon started to host international flights since 1960, when the airport was named Calgary International Airport. Today, millions of passengers from all over he world arrive and depart from here.

    Located about 20 km north of the centre of Calgary, the International Airport offers connections to the city. For example, you just have to travel along Airport Road and take the 4 Avenue for a total of 20-25 minutes according to the traffic conditions, to reach Downtown Calgary.

    A good solution to move in autonomy from the airport to the city is the car rental at Calgary Airport, which will allow you to get around with safe means approved for use on Canadian roads. Taking advantage of the service offered by RentalUp, you will have the opportunity to book easily book a rental car, finding it ready on arrival.

    Calgary Airport Car Rental

    Calgary: points of interest

    Despite being a relatively young city (it was founded in 1875), Calgary offers interesting highlights for all travellers. The most famous one is the 190 meters high panoramic tower, which offers a 360-degree view over the surroundings to the Rocky Mountain on the horizon.

    If you love nature, you cannot miss a stroll through the numerous parks in Calgary, in particular Prince Island’s Park and Riverwalk. The first one includes a small island designed in order to form a swamp, even though it is entirely walkable; the second one is a walking area which extends alongside the Bow river.

    Not far from this area there is the Kensington Village, where small brick buildings – very different from the skyscrapers that characterize Calgary skyline – host bookshops, cafés and restaurants very appreciated by travellers.

    Calgary Airport has known different relocations, but citizens have not forgot the small structure built in 1914; for this reason, it is still possible to visit the first hangar from where the first aircrafts flew over the city, even though it now hosts only collections of miniatures and projects.

    Lastly, during a stay in Calgary you must visit the zoo, especially if you travel with children. You just have to rent a car atCalgary Airport to reach it in a few minutes. Thanks to the splendid animals and to the exhibition about palaeontology, this place has become very popular throughout Canada.

    Calgary Bridge
    Calgary Zoo

    Calgary: art and culture

    This Canadian city is a multicultural centre: here, indeed, you can find many opportunities to explore the culture of the place and discover very suggestive artistic expressions.

    In particular, there are many contemporary art galleries which make Calgary a city where the concept of art is continuously challenged by innovative works. Contemporary Calgary is the most important and visited gallery, born thanks to the fusion of other structure including modern and ancient art.

    For this reason, the exhibition held here are very educational, since they show how art has evolved during the centuries. Moreover, Contemporary Calgary organizes events and exhibitions of visual arts every month, designed to attract even those who does not love museums: so, during a visit, you can see always new dances, movies or musical compositions.

    If you would like to discover the local artistic panorama, Newzones is the right gallery: here, works of the most popular Canadian artists are exhibited in rotation, with a particular attention to the autochthone art from Calgary and the state of Alberta.

    Another peculiarity of Calgary is the presence of an important corps de ballet, which offers daily performances to inhabitants and tourists. Taking advantage of the car rental service at Calgary Airport to reach the heart of the city, where you can find the centres of dance and art, is a good idea.