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    Zadar Airport Car Rental

    Zadar-Zemunik Airport is a Croatian airport located in Zemunik, close to Zadar, one of the most important tourist destinations all over Croatia.

    The airport is only 10 km far from Zadar city centre, which is, therefore, easily reachable with the rental car, booked thanks to the service offered by RentalUp.

    The history of the airport dates back to the early XX century: originally, it was used for military purposes and this situation has been constant from 1919 to 1936, when the first commercial flights were inaugurated. During the Second World War, it returned to being an airport for the exclusive military use and only at the end of hostilities it was definitely converted to the civil use. Initially, only direct flights or from other Balkan cities landed here.

    Nowadays, among the most important airlines working here, we can mention Ryanair and Lufthansa: the first one guarantees connections to Bergamo and Berlin, for example, the second one to Frankfurt and Munich.

    Zadar Airport Car Rental

    Zadar: points of interest

    Once landed in Zadar-Zemunik Airport and picked you rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can start your holiday in this Croatian city, that is the most important one in Dalmatia.

    The first stage of the tour is People’s Square, one of the symbols of the old town, which obviously belongs to the oldest part of the city. This square is considered one of the centres of the social life in Zadar, and among the most interesting buildings there are the Clock Tower, dating back to the XIX century, and the Town Hall.

    Among the points of interest in Zadar, there is surely the Roman Forum: actually, little remains of what was in the Roman age but, despite this, it is a zone of the city with a really particular charm and unforgettable for any tourist.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service directly atZadar Airport, you can enjoy the maximum freedom in your moves. This means that in any moment you can reach the sea promenade and visit the Sea Organ, that is a stairway built on the sea, from where you can enjoy a stunning view, especially at sunset. This stairway, however, is something more than a simple place where to chill out, because it is a sort of musical instrument played by the waves of the sea thanks to the presence of some reeds under the marble steps, which, in contact with the sea water, give rise to very enchanting sounds.

    Close to this installation, the Sun Salutation also deserves to be visited: it is a big circle of 22 metres in diameter, composed of about 300 lights covered by coloured glasses.

    Center of Zadar
    Sunset Zadar

    Zadar: art and culture

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Zadar Airport, you will have the possibility to better organize yourself to set off to discover what the city has to offer from the historical and cultural points of view.

    In this respect, the first place that is worth to include in your itinerary is the Cathedral of St. Anastasia; this place of worship was built during the XIII century according to the architectonical dictates of the Romanic style and is one of the most important symbols of Zadar in the world.

    Within it, there are many things that deserve to be focused on, such as the sarcophagus with the relics of the saint after which the cathedral is named. The Paleochristian mosaic, located inside this place of worship too, is also very interesting.

    Other very important churches are those of St. Donatus and of St. Chrysogonus. The first one is a church built in Byzantine style with a circular-plan shape and is decisively original and interesting. Meanwhile, the second one is named after one of the four patron saints of the city of Zadar.

    Zadar has much to offer also from the point of view of the museums, reason why it is worth to exploit the car rental service from the airport of Zadar, so that you can plan an itinerary that will allow you to visit the highest number of museums among the ones that are in the city.

    The first stage of the mini-tour of the museums in Zadar is the National Museum, which is composed of 4 departments, such as the Art Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Zadar City Museum and the Department of Ethnology. The first department mentioned was opened to the public in 1948 and was the first sign of the rebirth of the city after the devastation during the Second World War.

    The Archaeological Museum is very interesting because it witnesses the history of Dalmatia, focusing, as you can guess, on the Prehistorical age and the immediately following one.

    Lastly, another museum that deserves to be visited is the Museum of Ancient Glass; Zadar is, indeed, one of the main productive centre of this material.

    Zadar Cathedral