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    Car rental in Berlin - Car hire in Berlin

    BerlinAre you looking for a low cost rental Car in Berlin? RentalUp provide excellent service and can meet the needs of any customer, by virtue of a fleet of high quality and professionalism consolidated. The ability to move from one part of the city in a totally free and independent, without having to depend on the routes and times pre-established by public transport it is certainly an opportunity not to be missed.

    A sightseeing tour in Berlin

    Brandenburger TorOnce hired the vehicle, you can admire the beauty of the German capital. A prominent tourist route could take on, for example, from Potsdamer Platz, which in many respects is the symbol of Berlin reconstructions: a lively and fun place even at night, when core markets and dances, especially during parties. And the locals are not lacking: just think of those located in the Sony Center, a building designed by the famous architect Helmut Jahn. Once back in the car, you can move in the direction of Gendarmenmarkt, where there is a statue of the poet Schiller, in front of Franzosisch Dom and Deutscher Dom: we are in the city center, a few meters from one of the most interesting areas gastronomic point of view, the Galeries Lafayette is located in Friedrich Strasse. And again, do not miss the Berlin Cathedral, Berliner Dom, the city's most important Protestant church; Fernsehturm, the TV Tower, 365 meters high, as the days of the year, and Checkpoint Charlie, the crossing point between the eastern part and the western part of Berlin, with the famous words "You are leaving the American sector of the city"

    Can not miss, of course, a stop to the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of the reunification located a few meters from the line on which stood the Wall. Going along, then, the avenue of lime trees, namely the Unter der Linder, you can see the beauty of the German capital. The same feeling you get stationed in Alexander Platz, very fascinating architecture: do not miss the statues of Marx and Engels and the astronomical clock. For those arriving by plane, thanks to branches of RentalUp, You can take a rental car at low cost prices at the airport Schonefeld, saving time and money.

    Pretzel and Beer

    Food in BerlinOn the streets of Berlin, but also in the huge shopping centers you can enjoy a sandwich with sausage and sauerkraut, a crunchy pretzel and a cold beer. Thanks to the rented car with RentalUp, at lunchtime and at dinner you will have the opportunity to go to the most popular restaurants in the city: in Mommsenstrasse, for example, is the Marjellchen, with typical dishes of the old Prussian . In other diners, however, there will be taste the pommeriana pork with brioche and plums, and Königsberg meatballs. For those who land in Berlin,can, easily booking online or directly at the a German airport, to rent a car at the airport Tegel in Berlin.

    So what you waiting for? to car rental in Berlin, RentalUp ensures quality and experience, and a constant and satisfactory service, why not take advantage?