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    Frankfurt Hahn Airport Car Rental

    Frankfurt is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in Europe; the German city is, indeed, very charming thanks both to its monuments and its artistic beauties.

    Frankfurt Airport, in German Flughafen Frankfurt am Main, is the biggest airport in Germany, third in Europe and ninth in the world. It was opened the on July 8th, 1936 and today it has 4 runways and 2 terminals.

    This German airport is the first in Europe for goods traffic and is the main hub of the German national airline, Lufthansa. Besides the goods traffic, there is also a huge passenger traffic and, in addition to Lufthansa, flights of the main airlines in the world, included low-cost ones, land and take off from here.

    The airport is only 12 km far from the city centre, in Hesse region, and serves also other cities of the region, like Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Offenbach and Mainz.

    Once landed at Frankfurt Airport, you just have to pick your rental car up directly here, after having booked it on RentalUp, to reach Frankfurt city centre and start your German holidays.

    Frankfurt Hahn Airport Car Rental

    Frankfurt: points of interest

    Once arrived in the city, thanks to the car rental service at Frankfurt Airport, you will immediately notice that Frankfurt is one of the few German cities that combine modernity and tradition.

    The attractions of Frankfurt belong to both the categories: from futuristic skyscrapers to very wide green parks where to walk, from the modern quarters to the shops where you can buy crafts or antique pieces.

    European Central Bank has its seat in Frankfurt, which can be defined the economic and financial European capital city, but coming in the beating heart of the old town, Römerberg, a charming square where you can find the half-timbered palaces – buildings in the typical German style with a wooden structure that is clearly visible from outside – is enough to feel catapulted in a fairy world.

    One of these buildings is the Rathaus, the Town Hall, with a room called Kaisersaal or Room of the Emperors, where you can admire the portraits of the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, who were nominated right in the Rathaus in occasion of the councils.

    The square gets completely transformed during Christmas holidays, thanks to the hundreds of stalls of the Christmas market.

    If you would like to admire the city from the top, you can climb up the Main Tower, at 200 metres of height: from there, you can enjoy a breath-taking view over the city, moreover you can have your lunch in an appreciated restaurant with a view over Frankfurt.

    Among the visits to one or another museum, in Frankfurt you can also walk along the boulevards that flank the Main river, which crosses the city, dividing it in two parts. Here you can find many green areas, but also many museums.

    You cannot miss a visit to the Cathedral of Frankfurt, the Kaiserdom, whose construction dates back to 1300 and that is named after Saint Bartholomew; later, from 1562 on, 10 Holy Roman Empire emperors have been crowned inside the Cathedral.

    In 1867, the Cathedral was completely destroyed by the fire, but the inhabitants of Frankfurt manage to rebuild it in short time, preserving the original Gothic structure. Later, razed to the ground by the bombings of the Second World War, it was soon restored to its former beauty.

    River Main

    Frankfurt: art and culture

    If you are looking for art and culture in Frankfurt, you cannot miss to get into the heart of Mainhattan, as the skyscrapers area is called because of the assonance with the name of the famous quarter of New York. Here you will find 26 big and small museums.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Frankfurt Airport, you can get to the area called Museumsufer, that means “shore of the museums”: here there are all the best cultural institutes in the entire Germany. Among them, there are the Natural History Museum, that preserves the skeleton of Lucy, the ancestor of mankind found during excavations in Ethiopia and that dates back to 3 millions years ago, and Städel Museum, where you can admire over 3000 paintings by artists such as Renoir, Picasso, Rembrandt , Botticelli and Monet, that cover a period of about 700 years of art history, in addition to over 600 sculptures and various series of pictures.

    Moreover, here you can find modern palaces and take part to interesting cultural activities all year long, like the Night of Museums.

    Thanks to the car rental service at Frankfurt Airport, you can get to the unmissable House Museum of Goethe, the most famous German writer in the world. The birthplace of Goethe is in GroßerHirschgraben, 23; unfortunately, it is a reconstruction, because the original house was destroyed by the Alleys aviation’s bombings.

    It is worth a visit also MMK – Museum für Modern Kunst: built in 1991, today it contains over 5000 artworks, that cover the period from the 1960s to nowadays. Its weird shape led the inhabitants of the city to call it Tortenstück, that means “piece of cake”.

    The permanent collection of the museum is in the main building, while other two rooms, Tower MMK and Zollamt, are used as a location for temporary exhibitions and cultural events.