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With RentalUp you can rent cars at low cost prices in Italy for quality service and travel all over the country at a price of deal: visit the twenty Italian regions on board of a car for rent, car rentals have never ever been so easy and convenient.

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North Italy

 venice viewLeaving on a trip to the Italian Peninsula, you can start from Milan, the economic capital of the country, and one of the largest cities in Italy: do not miss the Cathedral, and the main shopping destinations, Via Montenapoleone Via della Spiga, passing through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. With a rental car you can then move to the neighboring city of Turin, capital of Piedmont, and see the Mole Antonelliana. You can go to Verona and Venice, preserving a cultural heritage of inestimable value: to be seen in particular in the Verona is the Arena, well-preserved example of a Roman amphitheater, while in Venice can not miss a stop in Piazza San Marco. If you are coming from Liguria to the other regions, can not miss a visit to Genoa, and come in Emilia Romagna, Bologna and Modena.

Rome and Central Italy

 rome the colosseumFrom Bologna in a few hours you can reach Tuscany, one of the most popular Italian regions: enchanting medieval villages, rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards, but alsoart art cities such as Florence, which perfectly preserves some of the most outstanding examples of medieval architecture and Renaissance. Worth a visit the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most visited museums in Europe. Do not miss in Tuscany, Siena, which every year sees the characteristic Palio, and Pisa with its leaning tower, famous all over the world. Moving in the other regions, can not miss a stopped in Orvieto, with its beautiful cathedral, but also at Viterbo, and Urbino, with its magnificent Ducal Palace attracts visitors from all over the world. Before proceeding to the regions of the South, is a must visit in Rome, the eternal city, with its historical and cultural wonders, in particular the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, the Trevi Fountain and the St. Peter's Basilica

South Italy and the Islands

 Southern Italy, loved for the clean sea and to the evidence still present of Magna Graecia, can be easily reached with car hire, from Rome to Naples. In Naples you can not miss a trip to the old town center and a tour of the islands, in particular Ischia, Capri and Procida, as well as a pizza. From Naples you can take a boat to reach the beautiful coast of Sardinia and start a sightseeing tour that departs from Cagliari to arrive in the other provinces of Sardinia. If you wants to visit the heel of Italy,you can crosses Puglia and you are Bari, Lecce, Taranto, thank to many beaches and many tourist attractions make the Salento a magical place. Crossing the Strait of Messina, you will be quickly in Sicily by car, don’t miss to visit Sila and Crotone and know its endless wonders: from sweet almonds, salt, through the temples of Agrigento and Piazza Armerina.

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