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Napoli Capodichino Airport Car Rental

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Naples Capodichino Airport

Naples Capodichino Airport is the busiest by passenger traffic and the biggest one in the entire South of Italy. You have to drive for about 4 kilometres to get to centre of the Parthenopean city by car from the airport.

The history of this important airport began in 1910, when the idea took shape, while its realization began in 1919. After having been used as a military air base during the Second World War, it was used for civil flights and a period of great increase started.

This airport is used by the biggest airlines and connect Naples to the most important Italian and foreign cities. One of the peaks of passenger traffic is reached in summertime, when many flights to Greece leave from here.

Naples Airport Car Rental

The city of sun, where art and history intertwine

Once landed at Naples Capodichino Airport and picked a rental car up, formerly booked on RentalUp, you can go on a tour to discover Naples and its numerous beauties.

A tour of the Parthenopean city could start from a walk in Spaccanapoli, the road that leads from Quartieri Spagnoli to Forcella, dividing into two parts the old town. Walking along this street you can get in touch with the beating heart of Naples. You cannot say you have visited Naples, if you have not admired Cristo Velato: a life-size marble masterpiece, a pearl of the Baroque preserved in Sansevero Chapel.

The archaeological museum must be visited. It was inaugurated in 1816 and today it has an excellent position among museums like it: it preserves findings from the excavations of Pompei and others that date back to different eras. After a visit to the Royal Palace and a walk through Piazza del Plebiscito, you can admire Toledo metro station, a symbol of the rebirth of Naples, and Capodimontemuseum, another pride of this city.

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Neapolitan cuisine

Discovering Naples also means making a journey into the Parthenopeangastronomy, which is one of the most famous all over the world. Stopping at the tasty and famous pizza could be reductive, because the Neapolitan cuisine has really much to offer: it is enough to think to some dishes, such as lasagna alla napoletana and spaghetti al ragù, which the whole world envies to Italy. Talking about sweets and desserts, Neapolitan cuisine has worldwide famous dishes, like, for instance, struffoli, pastiera, babà and sfogliatella.

San Francesco di Paola

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