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    car rent in Roma Termini - rent low cost car in Rome

    Rome Termini Railway Station"Roma caput mundi" (Rome, center of the world). A city in which the remains of its glorious history coexist perfectly with the modern metropolis. Who come to Rome for a trip, for business or pleasure, can take advantage of the possibilities offered by RentalUp: the low cost car rental service in Rome to visit the capital and its surroundings in complete autonomy. The service is also available for who choose to arrive by train: the low cost Rental Car in RomaTermini railway Station allows you to go easy on your car without having to move from the arrival station.

    Rome: a city symbol of Italian monuments

    Fountain of TreviThe capital of Italy is so rich in monuments and tourist routes to be defined by many as an open-air museum. Just think of the remains of the imperial era, such as the Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre, the Roman Imperial Italic heart of social and political life of ancient Rome or the Domus Aurea, Neros house.If we continue our walk through Piazza Venezia and heading towards the Tiber River, which runs through the capital city, you can admire the Theatre of Marcellus with its temples and the wide di Torre Argentina, where he was assassinated Caesar. Of great value all the squares in Rome from Piazza di Spagna with its staircase immortalized in many films, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Campidoglio where we find the Senatorial Palace where is located the city of Rome and the buildings that house the Capitoline Museums: Palace of the Conservatives and New Palace.The city is full of aqueducts and fountains, the most famous is undoubtedly the Trevi's Fountain, the one that in a famous movie Totò was trying to sell to an unsuspecting tourist. Points of interest in the city, as we have said, are so numerous that it is impossible to mention them all. Worth mentioning some examples of religious architecture, remember that within the territory of the city are the Vatican State, like St. Peter's Basilica, San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore. But in Rome there are only symbols of Christian worship, but also of other religions so that the city is remembered as the place with the highest number of places of worship in the world.

    Shopping, Roman cuisine and around the capital

    Via Condotti of RomeVia Condotti, located in the north of the city, within the so-called Trident, is the symbolic place for shopping. Along this road, in fact, you can find the boutiques of the most famous designers and famous Greek Cafe. With your rental car at RomaTermini railway station, you can also visit the outskirts of the city, from archaeological sites such as the ruins of Ostia, up to the Castelli Romani, which include places such as Frascati, Velletri, Ariccia and Grottaferrata. These places as well as rich in history and monuments represent the place where the Romans love to spend Sundays and feast days, thanks to the numerous fairs and festivals that are held there especially during the summer. Taverns where you can taste the delicious Roman cuisine: the Amatriciana, the pork, until the cheese, all washed down by the excellent wine of the castles.

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