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Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Car Rental

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Olbia Emerald Coast Airport

Olbia Emerald Coast Airport is today one of the most modern and technological airports in Italy and it is the busiest one by passengers traffic among the three Sardinian international airports.

Olbia airport was built in the 1970s to substitute the older Olbia-Venafiorita Airport. In 2004 the new structure with enlarged locals on a project by the architect Willem Brower was inaugurated. The current building is three times the size of the original one and it is characterised by the presence of many stores, so that it is an effective mall.

The airport is well connected to the main Italian cities, such as Rome, Milan and Venice, and to the most important European capital cities. Olbia city centre is only 4 km far from the airport. To get to the city, you just have to take Via degli Astronauti, then SS 125 and SS 127, which directly leads to the city centre.

From here to Golfo Aranci, which overlooks the gulf of Olbia, it is just a short step: just about 20 km through the highway SP82.

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Olbia Airport Car Rental

What to see in the “happy city”

Olbia is also known as the “happy city”, because it is lively, colourful and welcoming. Its harbour is an effective entrance gate to the city, that is overrun by tourists when cruise ships and ferries from Livorno, Civitavecchia and Genova dock here.

From the nice promenade full of green areas, you can get through the characteristic Corso Umberto, rich in shops, bars and restaurants, where you can taste typical local food, until you will get to the heart of the city, where you can admire the beautiful Basilica of San Simplicio, centre of the religious and social life.

The Basilica, named after the Patron Saint of Olbia and built in the XI century according to the Romanic style, is one of the most important churches in Gallura. In the nearby there is Piazza Regina Margherita, that is among the most important squares in the city.

Dozens of churches and palaces, seats of the aristocratic powers, dot the historical centre. Palazzo Colonna is one of the most famous palaces: walking through the city centre, you can admire its perfect architecture in Liberty style.

The strong fortresses are an attraction for those who love military history: at a short distance from the heart of the city there are Pedres Castle and Sa Paulazza Castle, that were meant to protect Olbia and the surroundings.

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The archaeological sites and the natural landscapes in Olbia and in the surroundings

Olbia offers breathtaking landscapes and stunning views in the entire territory. The city is rich in archaeological sites, which enrich its landscape.

Among the most beautiful sites there are the nuraghe in Riu Mulinu, the tomb of Giants in Su Monte de S’Abe, Pozzo Sacro nuragico in Sa Testa, the Punic Walls between via Torino and Via Acquedotto, the Roman Aqueduct, the Roman farm in S’Imbalconadu, that is situated along the road that leads to Padru.

In Olbia you will have also the opportunity to admire the many protected nature reserves, where endangered animal species live with beautiful plants and trees. Fausto Noce park is the biggest urban reserve in the entire region: walking along its boulevards, you can admire colourful flowers and watch birds on the trees. The coastal area is also characterised by marine reserves, instituted to preserve the coastline, with its flora and fauna. Tavolare marine reserve is the most famous and extended one: along the coasts you can spot seagulls that go down to the sea, while sun is setting behind, dyeing the sea waters with thousands of colours.


On the road: Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo and Tempo Pausania

Thanks to the car rental service at Olbia Airport, you can drive to the north and discover the famous destinations of Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, temple of the summery “dolce vita”.

In just 20 minutes you can reach Porto Rotondo and in 20 more minutes you can get to Porto Cervo, by way of the beaches of Marinella, Portisco, Liscia Ruja, Cala di Volpe, Capriccioli and Romazzino, just to mention the most famous ones.

Moreover, you can easily discover also other places next to Olbia and to Emerald Coast; driving down to the south, you can indeed reach, in one hour, one of the ten most beautiful gulfs in the world: Orosei Gulf, with its hidden granitic coves, where the mountains go down to turquoise and extraordinarily clear waters.

Then, from Olbia you can also reach Tempio Pausania, a granitic jewel nestled into the mountains, that is rich in history and in a typically Sardinian culture, since this place has never been invaded and has preserved the ancient Sardinian peculiarities.

Overstepping Tempio and keeping going up, it takes an hour by car to get to Castelsardo, a place in the north of the island that is famous for Rocca dei Malaspina and for Roccia dell’Orso, a typical granitic conformation that characterises this land.

Porto Cervo

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