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    Venice Marco Polo Airport Car Rental

    Venice Tessera Airport is better known as Marco Polo Airport, in honour of this important Venetian figure. The airport is about 13 km far from the city and it is connected by a highway. It has only one terminal, that was recently restored and became among the most modern and elegant ones in Italy.

    It is a really unique airport, because it is placed between the lagoon and the mainland and it offers various options to get to the city. Thanks to the car rental service at Venice Airport, you can reach the surroundings of the lagoon city in a few minutes.

    It takes about 20 minutes to get to Piazzale Roma, access point of the city, by driving along the highways SS14 and SS11 and crossing the bridge Ponte della Libertà. This airport is equipped with the most modern services granting the passengers every comfort.

    Venice Airport Car Rental

    The Serenissima and the Canal Grande

    Venice is an open-air museum and all of its corners offer a surprise. Along the Canal Grande you can find places-symbol of the city. For instance, we cannot miss to mention Ponte di Rialto. It is not only the most famous bridge, but also the most ancient: it was built in 1175 as a bridge of boats and in 1265 was substituted by a fixed wooden bridge, which is equipped in the middle with a moveable part to let the boats go through. The bridge that we can today admire dates back to 1588.

    Ca’ d’Oro, a patrician XV-century dwelling and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city which also overlooks the Canal Grande, is built in Gothic style and characterised by the marble lace which enrich the façade. Today it is seat of the Art Gallery Franchetti.

    Moving away from Canal Grande, it is worth a visit to the most beautiful church in Venezia, the Church of Santa Maria dei Frari, rich in masterpieces of the biggest masters of the past and, naturally, the Arsenale: recently returned to the tourists and so little known, it contributed to enforce the Serenissima with the construction of its big ships.

    Thanks to the car rented at Venice Marco Polo Airport, it will be easy to visit the places in the surroundings, the most famous beaches and other towns of the region Veneto.

    Venice and the canals
    The Rialto Bridge

    The splendid Piazza San Marco

    A place which is unique in the world in every season of the year. It is the historical heart of the city, meeting point since the XII century. Piazza San Marco is enclosed on three sides within buildings with arcades, which host historical bars, like the famous Caffè Florian, museums and art galleries.

    Among the protagonists of this square, there are the 90 metres high Belfry of the XVI century, the Clock Tower with the statues of the Mores who announce the hours beating a big bell and the famous Basilica. This latter is named after San Marco and it is enriched by frescos that tell the life of the Saint and passages of the Old Testament.

    One of the most beautiful examples of Gothic-Venetian architecture is the Ducal Palace, formerly seat of the Govern of the Serenissima and residence of the doges, but also seat of the tribunal and prisons, an effective symbol of the power of Venice.

    Piazza San Marco in Venice

    Works, palaces and wonders: the pearls of Mestre

    Mestre, considered as the extension of Venice on the mainland, also is worth a tour. Located at only 10 km from the lagoon city centre, it has 175000 inhabitants. You cannot miss a visit in Piazza Ferretto, with the Theatre Toniolo, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the gothic belfry, the royal palace, the Scoletta dei Battuti, the Clock Tower and the fountain realized by the sculptor Viani from Mestre.

    If you want to deepen your vacation exploring also the other provinces of this region, renting a car is a cosy solution to get to cities like Belluno, Rovigo, Treviso, Padova, Verona and Vicenza. It is also possible to admire the XVI-century Ville Palladiane on the Riviera del Brenta or enjoy the sea on the beaches of Caorle or Jesolo.

    Mestre seen from above

    Car Rental with no credit card at Venice - Tessera Airport

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    Venice Airport Car Rental without Credit Card
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