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    Car rental in Latvia - Economic car hire in Latvia

    Latvia until a few years ago it was almost completely unknown as a tourist attraction, people seeking destinations chose northern Scandinavia, omitting this Baltic country instead hides priceless architectural gems and a lot of nature. Surface rather limited, choosing to spend a vacation you can visit most to wonder at the magnificence of its capital Riga, to understand how much importance the culture and museums for the Latvians and to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that is a mix of customs and Russian traditions, Baltic, Central European and Scandinavian. the best way to reach the village is by plane then, for a tour that touches the major cities and the green hinterland, we recommend hiring a car in Latvia.

    The beautiful capital of Latvia: Riga

    RigaAfter landing, you can take a rental car at low cost prices in Riga airport, and can immediately start your holiday with a visit to the capital, the jewel of Art Nouveau, which ranks among the goods of UNESCO . The old center was affected in the architecture of the glories merchant, of the times of the Hanseatic League while the urban structure has maintained a medieval structure. while the urban structure has maintained a medieval structure. You will find yourself walking through streets lined with colorful houses with a particular style, mix of influences Teutonic, Scandinavian and Russian and majestic buildings which stand out as the thirteenth-century Lutheran Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. James, the most important national Catholic Church. For an overview of the city you can climb the bell tower of St. Peter's, largely rebuilt after the Second World War. There are countless monuments: the castle built by the Knights of the Teutonic Order and some very original buildings as Melngalvju Nam, the House of the Blackheads, decorated with figures in dark wood or fifteenth Case of the Three Brothers, the oldest masonry buildings around the state. Moving in the modern part of the city you'll see why Riga is called the "Paris of the North" and you will be amazed in front of more than eight hundred palaces Art Nouveau. And what about the dozens of museums?

    The Old Town is the heart of the entertainment and shopping district. There are trendy shops of high fashion, but also local crafts, but if you want the classic fur hat there is no better place than the Central Market. For carefree evenings are countless pubs, nightclubs and casinos, while in typical restaurants you can enjoy delicious soups like skabputra and borshch or savory pies bacon (speka piradzini).

    In addition to Riga, things to see

    Cesis castle medieval townWith the low cost car rental in Latvia you can then head to the other cities of Latvia, as well as Riga. Ventspils on the Baltic coast, has a historic center of the oldest and most romantic of Europe and its castle seems straight out of a picture of a storybook. From here you can reach by boat to the nearby Stockholm or find a beautiful old manor or a country house where you can enjoy a stay super luxury. Those who love the nightlife is absolutely necessary step in Liepaja where live performances keep you awake until sunrise and to immerse yourself in ancient medieval atmosphere, there is the town of Cesis with a wonderful castle and the first brewery in Latvia.