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    Rent a car in Mexico - Economic car rental in Mexico

     is the fourteenth country in the world by extension and it offers to the visitor a great variety of customs and traditions that vary by the landscape, like a movie playing in front of the windshield. That's right, the low cost car rental in Mexico is the best formula for getting in touch with a hospitable people from ancient history. If, in itself, the Spanish language is not an insurmountable obstacle for us Italians, it must be said that many Mexicans speak English, due to the proximity to the United States. To take advantage of a car rental in Mexico you need a driver's license for at least one year, in addition to credit card.

    The eastern Mexico by car

    Merida, in the north of MexicoThe goal of excellence of many flights from Europe is the International Airport of Cancun. In the city of Quintana Roo, which can serve as a starting point, you can rent a car to proceed immediately to the beautiful beaches of the Costa Maya, overlooking the coral reef in the Caribbean Sea, from here, or directly from Cancun, you can directing in Merida, the capital of Yucatan, to totally immerse yourself in the pre-Columbian Maya culture. Just in Merida you will begin to feel the first odors and tipical flavors of this part of Mexico. From Merida you can organize, always with the rental car, the excursions to the archaeological sites of Uxmal and Chichen Itza , a UNESCO World Heritage, you can visit the Pyramid of Kukulkan and the astronomical observatory. Right here, Dec. 21, 2012 came together thousands of people waiting for the failure to end the world. At Chichen Itza you can even see the famous cenote of human sacrifice, an impressive karstic well from which it is virtually impossible to escape.

    At Uxmal, you can visit the pyramid of 'guess strangely with elliptical base, the Nunnery Quadrangle and the field of Pelota, game in which, according to the legend passed down by descendants Maya, the captain of the winning team acquired the right to be beheaded. From here, you should return to Merida and, having drop off the car, you can take a domestic flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez, once they arrive in the capital of Chiapas, you can rent another car to get to San Cristobal de Las Casas, and later you can visit the Natural Park of sumidero to visit the majestic canyon.

    Mexico City and the West Coast by car

    Mexico CityFrom Chiapas, the state of Subcomandante Marcos, is a must head towards Mexico City, the megalopolis, with its 15 million inhabitants, offers many interesting ideas. A must is to visit the Museum of Anthropology, the most important in the world, but also the many buildings deserve attention, and not sacred, built from the times of the Spanish domination. In the capital you can then enjoy the traditional foods of Mexican cuisine, from tacos to tortillas, still prepared with the addition of a pinch of lime and absolutely not sharp, the chiles en nogada and other north-Mexican cuisine (called also tex-mex), this time yes, spicy flavor.

    In Mexico City you can buy artifacts from all over the country, but the best are definitely the jewelry with the inserts in natural amber, among which are included those with a prehistoric insect. For the last few days of vacation can be reached, by car, the famous beach resort of Acapulco, characteristic and dreamed of by all. In practice, taking advantage of the low cost car rental in Mexico, you will have made a trip from coast to coast, from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.