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    rent a car morocco - car hire Morocco

    Morocco is one of the States of the Mediterranean, even if it extends mainly along the Atlantic coast, which is experiencing in recent years one of the major tourist boom, thanks to the charm and culture, completely different from the rest of the world, which makes this country interesting to western tourist. Morocco is often the subject of call while surfing through of the cruise ship in the Mediterranean basin, but can easily be reached in a few hours of flight with direct flights from Italy thanks to the 70 airports, of which the principal is to Casablanca , where it is also able to hire a car with RentalUp to provide maximum freedom of movement in the country and visit the most beautiful sights.

    The history and the monuments of Morocco

    MoroccoTaking advantage of car rental services in Morocco, visit the city's monuments will be comfortable and pleasant, without being subject to public transport timetables; Morocco is a country very extensive, so it is important to move around the several areas. The history and the monuments of Morocco. this is a country very extensive, so it is important to move around reas. The attractions and sights of interest in Morocco are: the Sahara desert, the beautiful beaches as Dakhla that mingles with the end of the desert, do not miss the traditional-style gardens, such as the Majorelle in Marrakech and the Andalusian RabatAgadir and you can visit the National Park of Souss Massa, rich and rare plant and animal from every corner of the world. Among the most important monuments of the country should be certainly counted the Old Medina of Casablanca, remained almost intact and still surrounded by walls dating back to the sixteenth century, which kept all the typical features of traditional Moroccan culture and always in Casablanca is the third mosque largest in the world, dating back to 1993, ordered by the Sovereign Hassan III. In Marrakesh you will find numerous examples of Moroccan archeology, this being the city that has managed to preserve its history between the major population centers of the country, except the Old Medina, perhaps the finest example of ancient urban center in Morocco , interest deserves the Koutoubia Mosque with its beautiful minaret 70 meters high, while in the lower area of the Medina is the area of the Saadian tombs dating back to the XV-XVI century, built in Moroccan style: they are still visible today the colored tiles.

    In Rabat, however, is worth visiting the Kasbah of Oudaïa, an ancient fortified district, and the Necropolis of Chella, an ancient city dating back to the Phoenician period.

    Traditions, cuisine and shopping in Morocco

    The colours of MoroccoThe traditional Moroccan dishes are based mainly on vegetables and white meat, and meat from sheep and lamb, as well as dates and vegetables in general, a typical dish is couscous, exported all over the world, but we must not forget even the tajine dish made with chicken or lamb with vegetables such as tomatoes, dates, olives or prunes.

    In Marrakech is Morocco's biggest nightclub: it is called The Paccha and  itis attended by the cream of the city, attracted by the numerous international guests often present, for those who like something quieter, however, the city offers numerous disco-like 'African Chic in the city center, which offers live music.

    For shopping Morocco offers many choices: every city, in its souks, offers traditional products, including clothing and objects to buy great souvenirs, but if you want to shop more Westerners need to move in big cities like Casablanca, which in its great commercial center also offers the opportunity to purchase high-fashion world.