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    Stockholm Arlanda Airport Car Rental

    Northern Europe has become one of the most loved destinations by tourists, and, among the most successful cities there is Stockholm, capital city of Sweden, which in recent yeas has become one of the most popular options for winter (and not only!) vacations.

    The construction of Stockholm Arlanda Airport dates back to the early 1950s; it is the biggest and most important one in the whole Sweden and the third largest one in Northern Europe. As already said, its construction dates back to the very early second half of the XX century, while its opening to the public was in 1962.

    A few years ago, this airport has been renovated, becoming one of the most advanced ones inEurope. Among the international airlines working here, we can mention Air France, that grants connections to Paris, and Emirates, that allows connections to Dubai.

    Reaching the city centre with a car rental at Stockholm Airport is easy; it is, indeed, only 45 km far from Stockholm.

    Stockholm Arlanda Airport Car Rental

    Stockholm: points of interest

    Once landed in Stockholm Arlanda Airport and picked the rental car up, previously booked on RentalUp before departure, you can set off to discover the points of interest that the Swedish capital city offers.

    Taking advantage of the car rental at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you can start, for example, from Gamla Stan, the city historic centre. This zone of Stockholm catapults the traveller in a definitely fairy atmosphere: the symbol of this area certainly is the Royal Palace, a part of which is open to the public all year round.

    One of the most interesting places that you can visit in the Royal Palace is Livrustkammaren Museum, within which you can admire the costumes and the weapons used by the members of the Swedish royal family over the centuries.

    Later, it is worth a visit to Stortorget square, considered the beating heart of Stockholm. The visitor is soon captured by the red- and ochre-coloured houses, which construction dates back to the XVIII century, without forgetting the typically medieval streets.

    Mentioning the locations that make Stockholm so charming, we cannot forget the Town Hall. Describing the beauty of this building made of about 8 million red bricks is really hard, it is really worth to visit it in person. Inside the Town Hall, there is the Blue Room, one of the most important places in the world, considering that here the Nobel Prizes are awarded.

    Lastly, always taking advantage of the car rental service at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, the island ofDjurgården deserves to be discovered, the biggest green space in the city.

    Gamla Stan

    Stockholm: art and culture

    Talking about Stockholm and its points of interest, we must make room for its museums.

    The first museum to be visited, thanks to the car rental at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, is surely Vasa museum, where you can admire an almost perfectly preserved sailboat dating back to the XVII century. Continuing the tour through the most important museums in Stockholm, you will arrive to the Royal Coin Cabinet (the national museum of economy) and to the Nobel Museum.

    The one about economy is the first museum totally focused on this matter and visiting it is really interesting. The Nobel Museum, located in the oldest part of the city, allows you to know all about what is considered the award par excellence for science and arts.

    Speaking of art, how not to mention the Moderna Museet and the National Museum? The first one hosts works by modern artists such as Picasso and Dali, while the second one is considered the most important museum of figurative arts in the whole of the country: it is enough to think that within it you can works by artists such as Degas and Goya, just to mention a pair.

    Before engaging in the discovery of other places that make Stockholm an unmissable tourist destination, you can take time to visit the ABBA Museum: this museum has been opened only for a few years and is very interesting not only for the fans of the band, but also for those who, perhaps, have never had the opportunity to deepen the knowledge about them.

    Lastly, before to leave, it is worth to stop and admire the church of Seglora, that, even though it is not too big, is really fascinating, because it was built entirely with wood and has arrived perfectly preserved to nowadays.

    Vasa Museum