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    Kiev – Boryspil’ Airport Car Rental

    Kiev – Boryspil’ Airport is the most important airport in the whole of Ukraine; here the most of the international flights land.

    The airport is a little over 30 km from Kiev city centre, that is, therefore, easily reachable thanks to a rental car, booked thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, once landed.

    The airport was built for military purposes during the first half of the XX century and became a civil airport at the end of the 1050s. During the period of the Cold War, this airport was used only for connections between USSR and Ukraine; its passage to international airport was between the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s, when the Ukrainian Govern gave the green light to the transformation works to make it an international airport, starting from the infrastructures.

    Nowadays, among the airlines working here we can mention KLM, that guarantees the route to Amsterdam, and Ryanair, which, besides granting connections to other Eastern Europe countries, grants also those to cities such as Madrid and Athene.

    Kiev Boryspil Airport Car Rental

    Kiev: points of interest

    Once landed in Kiev Boryspil’Airport and picked your rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can start your vacation in the Ukrainian capital city.

    The tour can start from the road of the Old Town, which is east from the river Dneper. Here you can find most of the points of interest in Kiev from the historical and artistic points of view, in addition to many palaces built during the XVIII and the XIX centuries, which contributes to make the city so charming.

    The Majdan, that is the Field of Independence and, nowadays, the most important square in Kiev, also deserves a visit: sadly, here bloody events took place in recent years, such as those that in 2009 led to the removal of the presidentViktor Yanukovych. This square is very interesting from an architectonical point of view. The Ukraine’s Independence Monument, one of the most important symbol for every Ukrainian citizen, not only from Kiev, deserves to be visited.

    The opportunity to exploit the car rental service at Kiev Airport allows you to be totally free in your moves, so that any moment could be the right one to go to Goloseevskiy Park: it is the most important park in Kiev, which can fascinate every tourist with its aspect typical of a fantasy movie.

    The National Opera of Ukraine and the Olympic Stadium of Kiev also deserve to be visited. The first one is one of the most important cultural symbols in the whole of Ukraine and it is really worth, if you have the occasion, to attend a play. The Olympic Stadium, instead, is the flagship of the Ukrainian civil architecture in recent years: it is, indeed, an absolutely futuristic building.

    Kiev Bridge

    Kiev: art and culture

    The possibility to take advantage of the car rental service in Kiev already from the airport means not only that you can move in any moment, but also that you can best plan your days in the Ukrainian capital city.

    One of the mot interesting aspects of Kiev is its huge number of churches you can admire. One of the most important symbol is the Cathedral of St Sophia which, not by chance, became part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Admiring it first-hand, you will understand the reason of this choice: it is, indeed, a splendid architectonical structure built according to the Byzantine style, whose green domes will remain impressed in your eyes and in your mind.

    The comfort granted by the car rental service at Kiev Airport allows you to visit also the Chernobyl National Museum: it is a trip into one of the most terrible disasters caused by the neglect of man, for which people is still suffering the consequences. Visiting this museum means remember what happened.

    Still speaking about museums, it is worth a visit also to the Great Patriotic War Museum, entirely dedicated to the Second World War, whose particularity consists in the fact that it is a museum almost totally outdoor. Perhaps you are wondering about the name of this museum, since it is an exhibition about the Second World War: in Ukraine this historic event is known as the “Patriotic War”.

    Finally, the last place you must visit is the Sculpture Alley; its construction dates back to the end of the 1980s and is characterised by the presence of contemporary sculptures: it is one of the most original and interesting places in the Ukrainian capital city.

    Saint Sophia Cathedral