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Salt Lake City International Airport Car Rental

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Salt Lake City International Airport is right in close proximity to the homonymous city in Utah, in the United States.

In this airport, hub for the Delta Air Lines, one of the biggest American airlines, also other American and foreign companies, among which KLM, operate. The airport has two terminals and a series of facilities for the passengers, such as dining areas, shops and postal service. Moreover, this airport is the reference point for who would like to visit the Yellowstone National Park.

Once landed at the airport, reaching the centre of Salt Lake City is very easy: indeed, you just have to pick you rental car up directly at the airport, after having booked it thanks to the service offered by RentalUp, and drive along a few kilometres, to start the tour of the city.

Salt Lake City Airport Car Rental

Salt Lake City: points of interest

Salt Lake City, capital of Utah, Mormon state, is a small and also pleasant city. It can boast, indeed, many points of interest, natural attractions and a series of suggestive religious buildings.

Thanks to the car rental service at Salt Lake City Airport you can get to the neuralgic centre of the city, Temple Square, but many attractions are also in the outskirts and in the surroundings. Among the attractions you must visit in Salt Lake City centre, Temple Square is surely the most interesting one; it is striking above all for its tranquillity and for the presence of an important Mormon Temple, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is the most known temple all over the world.

You can pass through the two entrance gates, which are placed in correspondence of two visitor centres, to get to main part of the square. Then, you can take guided tours thanks to the faithful people who lead the tourists to visit the buildings and give information about the Mormonism. At the visitor centres there are very interesting exhibition that you can visit.

Among the buildings you must visit there is the Beehive House, surrounded by many trees, that was one of the many residences of the historic president of the Mormon religion, Brigham Young. Beehive House was built under the supervision of the same architect who realized the Salt Lake Temple, a majestic Gothic building, characterised by the presence of very high spires.

This building, realized taking as an example Salomon’s Temple, is reserved to the worship and you cannot visit it inside, but it can strike you also from the outside, while you are walking through the alleyways that surrounds it.

Continuing your stroll around the temple, you will find the Tabernacle, an oval and massive building, within which there is an enormous organ, placed behind the choir. Here, many concerts are held, often part of guided tours of the city.

The last building that you can admire is the Assembly Hall, built in Gothic style. In the square there is also the Brigham Young Monument, a statue dedicated to the founder of the Mormon Church, and the Family History Library, a free-entry museum where you can find many information about genealogical studies.

Taking advantage of the car rental service in Salt Lake City from the airport, you can reach, a mile from the square, on a hill, the Utah State Capitol, within which there are many frescoes that illustrate the history of the country. From the outside of the Capitol you can enjoy a stunning view over the city.

Salt Lake Temple
Salt Lake City Capitol Building

Sal lake City: art and culture

Exploiting the car rental service from Salt Lake City Airport, you can get to the Foothill Cultural District, an area of the city that is east of the centre; here, there is a very well-kept park, the This is the Place Heritage Park, with an accurate reproduction of a XIX-century Mormon village, Heritage Village, with characters in costume who will allow you to relive the life of that period.

In Salt Lake City there is also the Natural History Museum of Utah, that puts at the visitors’ disposal many palaeontological discoveries, among which the important remains of some previously unknown dinosaurs and artefacts dating back to the culture of the native Americans. One of the peculiarities of this museum is its excellent position, that allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the Salt Lake Valley.

Another very important museum is the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, with a collection that includes both the contemporary and the ancient arts; it hosts works and findings from different parts of the world.

This museum is very active in the art world and promotes also the Land Art that has effects on the landscape with sculptures on the earths and structures made with materials from the earth itself.

Despite its small size, also the Utah’s Hogle Zoo is an attraction that deserves to be visited, since within it there are about 1000 animals, such as elephants, bears, giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions, gorillas, sea lions and rhinoceroses.

Heritage Park

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Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)