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Spanish navigators, when they approached the coast of Sardinia, said:

"Mira, la isla de Dios!" Look, the Island of God. The beauty and mysteries inside the island confirm this exclamation.

Thanks to the climate, tourism is always at high levels and encourages visitors to make treasure of every hidden corner of this beautiful island.

There is not only the sea: tourists can enjoy culinary delights:  the porcheddu arrustidu, the bred carasaupecorino and fresh myrtle.

Olbia and the wonderful  Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda

Arriving by plane, it is required to rent a car in Olbia to explore all the treasures of this land.One of the most trafficked airports, especially in summer, is Olbia - Costa Smeralda.RentalUp allows you to take a car at the exit of the airport, and head to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and go to the beaches: Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, e della costa smeralda, to discover hidden coves and beautiful views. Don’t miss the north east of Sardinia, the area of Palau, and the islands of the Maddalena and Caprera with beaches and places of historical interest. Moving a little to the outback, you can admire the beautiful granite of Gallura. From Olbia to about an hour away, there is the town of Nuoro, richs in monuments, history and culture.

So if you intend to do several tours in the beautiful Sardinia rush to rent a car at the airport of Olbia - Costa Smeralda

Cagliari beautiful and crystal sea


In the south of the island, you can rent a car at the airport of Cagliari – Elmas, to visit the city of Cagliari, especially if you come near the 1st of May, where for centuries the festival dedicated to Sant\'Efisio have been held find the holy traditions!  In this festival can be seen the costumes of all  island centers of Cagliari and attachment to their religious tradition. To the east of Cagliari, you can visit the area of Villasimius, with the beautiful crystal and clear sea.To the west, from Pula to Sant \'Antioco, you can admire the coast in all its shades. Particular  is the island of Carloforte, reachable by Calasetta or Portscuso where people jealously keep speacking their tabarchina. The all most island is inhabited of fishermen, seafood lovers and you will find the best the sea can offer, tuna in particular.

if you want to enjoy all the beautiful landscapes of southern Sardinia, we recommend to rent a car in Cagliari.

Alghero: archeology, cuisine, beaches and fun


In the north west of Sardinia you can rent a car at the airport of Alghero - Fertilia. Also in this site RentalUp helps the tourist to visit the beautiful city with Catalan origin, giving the possibility to rent a car in Alghero. Archeology, cuisine, beaches and fun are the attractions of this town, where the tourists of all ages find welcomed. Southern Alghero, you must visit the riverside town of Bosa and the historic Oristano. The latter calls during the carnival, many tourists from all over the world for the famous equestrian "Sartiglia". Also Sassari deserves to be visited.it’s full of traditions, history and hospitality. RentalUp is also present in various cities in Location. The real Sardinia is in the outback. To get away from the coast is essential to rent a car, RentalUp allows the tourist to find the history of Sardinia, to see the nuraghi, dating back to time immemorial, and rich in history, the most famous in the province of Barumini Calgliari and Santu Antine a few kilometers far away  the village of Torralba in the province of Sassari.

A complete tour in the area of Sardinia Barbagia will full fill expetation of every visitor, confirming the sentence of the old Spanish navigators.

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