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Emilia Romagna is an undisputed land for its cultural and gastronomic.Certainly one of the richest regions of Italy, in which at least once in your life you should go to.

The beautiful cities of like Bologna, Modena, Parma and Rimini, waiting the tourists to wrap them in a convivial atmosphere and full of emotions.

The beautiful wildlife parks, museums and art galleries fascinate every year millions of tourists from all over the globe to visit this wonderful region.

Very often, in order to arrive in Emilia, people prefer the train or plane, and once you arrive, you find difficult choices, such as to find public transportation that can carry around the beautiful and fascinating city. All this inevitably stresses, due to the long waits at bus stops, where the means are almost always late. If you decide to the take a Taxi the cost increase due to the wildly exorbitant prices.

 RentalUp is the best solution, the world's leading transport, provides tourists the car, caravan or scooter ensuring waiting time equal to zero. Is possible to book a car by phone or even better via web, in a few simple steps you can take the rental vehicle which will be found upon arrival,in station or at the airport.


Bologna: art, architecture and gastronomy

BolognaThe city of Bologna is full of intense emotions and wonderful places to visit, such as the Asinelli tower, the Cathedral and the countless gastronomic tours to satisfy the heart and palate.For those arriving by plane, you want to turn up and down the city of Bologna, you can hire a car at Bologna Airport.Wherever you arrive, there is the possibility to book a rental  car in Bologna, made available by RentalUp, at the train station and in airport Guglielmo Marconi. If you are located in the suburbs you will have the opportunity to book a car that will be delivered personally.

Parma between Fortresses and Castles

duomo of ParmaParma is a city that combines relax and culture, such as the beautiful Spa with its mineral-rich waters, famous in antiquity, are still a significant milestone. If you love art, instead, are available to tourists, the beautiful fortresses and castles, shrouded in mystery and stories that show the heart of every visitor childhood memories.

 You can reach the city Ducale by plane and RentalUp offers you the possibility to book a rental car at the airport of Parma.


 Although this chaotic city, is still one of the favorite destinations of Emilia there is always the possibility to contact to RentalUp and we will find to you the ideal solution for every need to rental car in Parma


Modena and its museums of modern and medieval art

ModenaModena is a city that better preserves the imprint of the past, in the old part you can visit historical buildings such as the Palazzo Ducale, churches, monuments and museums of moder and medieval art on the corner of every street. The magnificent Cathedral, which sees its origins back in 1099 is still one of the sites of greatest interest and the greatest exponent of the masterpieces of Romanesque Europe.

Arriving by train in Bologna  you may hire a car in Modena for all possible facilities for your tour in the city or in the beautiful neighboring countries.There are many museums to preserve artifacts from the time Estense, who left their mark in every single corner of the city. In 1997, Modena, thanks to its rich historical and artistic heritage has become UNESCO.

Rimini is synonymous with beach and fun

the beach of RiminiRimini is one of the most touristic cities of Emilia Romagna. Destination for summer vacations and fun for all the Italian tourists, the city on the Adriatic coast stretches for 15 km. The whole coast of Rimini is equipped with luxury hotels, beach clubs and nightlife.

For tourists arriving in the Adriatic city, RentalUp, thanks to its network of services and resources available, offers the possibility to rent a car in Rimini at really low cost prices.

If you decide to spend a holiday in Rimini, in addition to the fun, you can also make a more cultural tour visiting the Ponte di Tiberio, the Amphitheatre, the Arch of Augustus and the Malatesta Temple.

If you decide to arrive by plane you can hire a car at the airport of Rimini.

 In short, if you want to lose in the untouched beauty of Emilia Romagna, you can make a stop in at least one of these beautiful cities visiting them both with

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