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    Riga International Airport Car Rental

    Riga International Airport was built at the end of the 1960s and was inaugurated in 1973; it is, indeed, a recent airport, whose construction was necessary because the airport of Spilve was damaged and dilapidated.

    Riga Airport, 10 km from the city centre, underwent a great structural renovation in 2001 in occasion of the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Latvian capital.

    The airlines using this airport are many and we can mention the Air Baltic and Ryanair: the first one guarantees connections to Berlin and Athene, whereas the low-cost airline offers the connections to Bergamo and Barcelona.

    Riga Airport Car Rental

    Riga: points of interest

    Riga, capital of Latvia, has always been known as the “Paris of the Baltics” for its beauty and elegance. In the latest years, it has seen an increasing importance from a touristic point of view. Actually, the city can boast many points of interest, that can attract travellers searching for art and culture, history and also fun.

    Once landed at Riga International Airport and picked your rental car up, booked on RentalUp before departure, you can soon get to the oldest area of Riga to visit the Cathedral, whose construction dates back to the early XIII century.

    This is the most important Protestant place of worship in the Baltic country and, moreover, the largest Medieval church throughout the area. From an architectonical point of view, the Cathedral of Riga is characterised by the presence of Gothic, Baroque and Romanic elements, results of the various restorations it has undergone.

    Taking advantage of the car rental service at Riga Airport, the second stage you must include in your itinerary discovering the Latvian capital is the House of Blackheads; we must say that what you can currently see is a reconstruction of the XIV-century building destroyed during the Second World War.

    Latvia has always had a close relationship with Germany and you can notice it, for example, admiring the Roland’s statue in the Town Hall Square.

    Among the places of worship, you must visit exploiting the car rental service at Riga Airport there is also the Church of Saint Peter. Its bell tower is among the highest ones throughout Europe and there you can enjoy a real 360-degree view over the city.

    Lastly, among the points of interest that deserve to be visited, there are the Three Brothers and the Cat House. The first ones are three palaces of different periods and with very original shapes, one of which hosts the Latvian Museum of Architecture. The Cat House is, on the other hand, a building in pure Art Nouveau style, dominated by a bronze cat literally perched on the top of the palace.

    Moreover, you cannot miss a visit to Miera Iela, the hipster district of the city.

    Riga Cathedral
    Cat House

    Riga: art and culture

    Exploiting the car rental service at Riga Airport, another symbolic place of the Latvian capital is the Powder Tower. Originally, this tower was part of the city walls, but later, as its name suggests, it became a deposit of gunpowder; nowadays, it hosts the War Museum: the exhibition covers the period from the First World War to the Independence of the country from the Soviet Union.

    Continuing talking about history, you cannot miss the Freedom Monument. This monument, built between the two world wars, is one of the places to which the Latvians are most attached: it is, indeed, the symbol of the Latvian freedom.

    The tour to discover the city must mandatorily include also a visit to the Castle of Riga. This building, whose construction dates back to the XIV century and that is the current seat of the President of the Latvian Republic, is another of the most symbolic places in the country.

    Within it there are also two important museums such as the National History Museum of Latvia and the Art Museum of Riga. Another museum we must mention is the Riga Ghetto Museum: it narrates the history of the Riga ghetto and of the Latvian Jews who suffered the Nazi fury.

    It is enough to think that about 20 thousand people were deported to the concentration camps, whereas other 30 thousand were killed in the forests out of the city.

    You must also visit the museum dedicated to Zankis Lipke, a Latvian citizen who stood out during the Second World War for having saved the life of many Latvian people, whose only guilty was being Jewish.

    National Museum of Art