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Lazio, located in central Italy, is the region's capital, Rome.By extension allows to range from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Apennines, the seasonal tourism and cultural tourism is impressive throughout the year. Rome also contains the small enclave of Vatican City (residence of the Pope).

The coast of Lazio

the coast of LazioThe region offers mountain ranges such as the Monti Cimini, Valsini, Sabatini, Simbruini, Lepine, Ausoni and Monti della Laga. Lazio is rich of hilly areas. These hills also conceal their volcanic origin and host our lakes (Bolsena, Vico and Bracciano) famous for the views, for tourism and for bathing. The coast of Lazio is from the Valley of Tevere to the Maremma are sandy, very low and regular. The only exceptions are the promontory of Gaeta and Monte Circeo. They are very popular also the six islands of the Pontine Marshes. Visit this region is quite easy and you can reach using the railway stations of the various capitals (Viterbo, Rieti, Rome, Frosinone and Latina) and places more, the most important airports Ciampino and Fiumicino and biggest ports (Civitavecchia). Rent a car in one of these points allows you to move freely within the region and leave it at the various delivery points.

Rome, the capital of beauty

the colosseum of RomaRome is the most populous and largest in Italy and one of the major European capitals size of the territory.

To its strategic location, the city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, mild and comfortable during the spring and autumn, while in summer, when it is invaded by the most tourist flow, is hot, humid. Rich in history and charm, art, Rome is a candidate as a major city in the world for its long history which can involve and welcome at the same time the visitor. Its monuments follow exactly every single time that has characterized its history. In fact, you may encounter: the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, built by Pope Sixtus III between 432 and 440, the Arch of Constantine, which opened between 315-325.

 In addition to these symbols, greater prominence at international level have the Capitoline she-wolf, bronze statue of the legendary she-wolf who suckled the twins Romulus and Remus, the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater in the Roman world, recognized in 2007 as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, the Dome, the dome of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, overlooking the entire city and symbolizes the Christian world.

To arrive at Rome is easy, especially for its modern and innovative infrastructure, as it has two public airports, able to accommodate the multitude of people who come every day to visit the capital. The website offers the car rental  at the airport of Fiumicino and the car rental from Ciampino Airport offers visitors the opportunity to discover and enjoy the beauties of Rome. But not just for those traveling by air there is this possibility, and especially for those arrive by train or bus, there is the possibility of rent a car in Rome, to enjoy the eternal city with RentalUp.

Frosinone Lazio industry

FrosinoneIt 'identified as the capital of Ciociaria, and is an industrial and commercial center which is an important communications hub of southern Lazio, but also of the whole southern Italy.

Situated on a hill overlooking the valley of the Sacco, Frosinone is surrounded by mountains that surround the valley, at North  the Ernici mountains and at East and South the Lepini mountain  where you can see the Ausoni.

The district is crossed by streams and Cenicia Rio and the River Cosa, whose flow, both natural causes and for the uptake of its waters, is now extremely low.


Its climate is semi-continental, due to the distance from the sea and the hills, not far from the mountain ranges of some importance.

Among its main attractions we can mention: the Edera skyscraper , that was one of the promoters of the economic boom in the 60’years because it was one of the first buildings that kind private enterprise, the Monument to Nicola Ricciotti, which is can be seen in the central square of the city, and is dedicated to the patriot origins of Ciociaria. All this is possible to the visit thanks our car rental in Frosinone.

Latina city to discover

Piazza del Popolo LatinaIt is the youngest city in Italy being founded December 18, 1932 under the name of Littoria. Only later, in 1946 took the name Latina. It is located in the heart of Agro Pontino, in an area largely flat and is far away few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lepini mountains. the climate that characterizes the relatively mild winter temperatures in summer has a temperate climate.

Points of interest in the city are: the old town, which is one of the most important in the Italy and is a candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Piazza del Popolo, the town hall with the typical Civic Tower and the famous Fountain of the Ball the Centre. In the municipal area also falls within the extreme northern part of the Circeo National Park, in particular the whole Lake Fogliano, also known for its many annual visits. To see all these beauties, for those who arrive in the city from far away, there is the possibility of rent a car in Latina to enjoy these wonders in comfort.

Explore the Lazio on the road

Lazio on the roadThe service RentalUp is simple and online. To make a booking you must enter the date scheduled for pickup and return and the kind of vehicle you want. Once you have selected the ideal combination of available offers, you must enter your personal information to complete the order.

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Well located throughout the area are rental desks, with highly qualified and trained, specialized in vans, motorcycles, motor homes, luxury cars, limousines, weddings, buses and long term rentals.

The main point of pick up and return are in Rome, Anagni, Cassino, Colleferro, Formia, Orte, Rieti, Grottaferrata, Tivoli, Aprilia, Ceprano, Sora, Latina, Velletri, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino, Pomezia, Italy, Gaeta, Monterotondo, Latina, Frosinone, Frascati, Neptune, Sabaudia, Ferentino and Fiano Romano.


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